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7/20    For Halo Fans - WETA Builds a Warthog: (
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RSS 20 Partial Content (ad-free) As if you don't waste enough of your time in a gamer's haze, here's Kotaku: a gamer's guide that goes beyond the press release. Gossip, cheats, criticism, design, nostalgia, prediction. While that may have resulted in a few furrowed brows and stink-eyed looks, I can't imagine this sweet ride not ultimately leading to some strained zippers in the pants of the Halo fanbase. Mr_Friendly: Unless you live in the middle east, I'm guessing no. The machine gun mounted in the back is a clear indicator. Without the machine gun, you could probably get it classified as street legal. I don't get all the hype over Peter Jackson, and I can't understand why he would pick Blomkamp to direct such a huge title. Honestly, a director like Zach Snyder would make a lot more sense for a Halo project. Hell, he has experience with zombies, epic battles, and even spartans. The movie would probably still suck a lot, but at least it wouldn't go 30 million over budget and run an hour longer than it should. I'm biased though, I think video games are superior to movies as a story telling medium. That little trailer you saw at E3 was basically the directors student reel from school. No, the actual work was different, but the shots, the idea, the style was pretty much exactly the same. And that is why, friends, he has limited range, limited experiance, and why no one wants to put money up for this dumb ass movie. I've seen Alien and Aliens, both were very good, check them out; you don't see the "reason" for a Halo movie because you don't want to "see" a Halo movie? But Caddyshack was darn funny, and pretty much justifies the whole industry. Halo is a story and the WETA crew can definately tell a story. To compare to other game movies that had no story is a terrible comparison. I mean "escape from an alian prison" isn't much of a story or "Vial breaks and lab turns into mutants". If Halo is good enough in its book series there isn't a reason that they couldn't adapt that to a movie. To become a registered commenter on this site, you first need to be approved by our team. We're looking for comments that are interesting, substantial or highly amusing. So write a comment, polish up your words and choose a username and password below. Your comment will only appear once (or if) you're approved.