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2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/6/15-19 [Reference/Law, Politics] UID:46974 Activity:nil
6/15    Those who have graduated grad/business/law/med school: do you keep
        your papers (handouts, lecture notes, homeworks, etc.) from school?
        I'm trying to decide whether to do so or not. Thanks.
        \_ In general, don't bother. What good is your h/w going to do you?
           Keep your good texts and some relevant lectures. If you're
           a law school grad then keep it all until you pass the bar.
           \_ Here is how I look at it: if you know in the back of your
              mind you are going to throw it away in 5 yrs, and there is
              no "inflection event" between now and then [bar exam], just
              throw it away now and save yourself the hassle of carting it
              around for 5 yrs. I suppose some stuff you could digitize.
              I cant read half of my notes, and I cant understand most of
              the math and physics any more. But I keep textbooks and a
              fair number of readers. Those can be stored efficiently.
              Now that you can buy the entire history of the New Yorker and
              such for $100, no need to keep things like that either.
        \_ I recycled almost all of my paper notes from law school
           and I sold most of my books (except for Con Law and Patents).
           Most of my outlines were on my computer so I kept those for
           future reference. I don't have anything from ug any more
           except my 7 series text, my chem 1a text, and my CLR and I
           only have the 7 series text b/c the bookstore wouldn't buy
           the damn thing back since a new edition came out right after
           I finished 7c.