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2018/07/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/6/8-13 [Recreation/Pets] UID:46896 Activity:nil
6/9     Men tend to prefer dogs over cats because dogs are pack animals
        so men can lead as an alpha leader. Women prefer cats over dogs
        because cats are like babies and they grow up as independent
        individuals. I guess this is why many gay men love cats as well.
        \_ warning: this article has zero content or interest.  NSFIP.
2018/07/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Home Norwich Bulletin - 3/21/2004 Dogs Vs Cats, Men Vs Women My husband loves our cats, in fact, he prefers cats to dogs, as I do. Many of our friends are also on the same wavelength that we are, and so when it was suggested to me that most men prefer dogs, I had to go searching on the internet to get some collaboration. It was very clear from the start of my research that a man's personality in general, is much better suited to the dog. Men like to be the master and in charge of things and the dog fits into that category. A dog lets a human be the Alpha of the pack and follow direction. Dogs are considered subservient and since men like to be the boss and in control, they tend to prefer the dog to the cat, who will happily tell you to take a hike if it does not want to do what you ask it to. Many dogs are still working dogs, ie hunters, herders, protectors, and men like to participate in a sport or working environment with their dog. They prefer to go for a long walk or run or play Frisbee, to sitting and grooming for an hour or so. Their dog is, well, a dog - and women tend to see their pets as members of the family, more like, well, children. This is definitely the main difference between men and women and dogs and cats - and remember, I am speaking in general terms since I live with a non-typical man. My cats are my babies and I tend to cuddle and care for them. They know when their cat is ill and when their shots are due. They know what their pet likes to eat, when their nails need to be trimmed and they are usually the ones to take care of the litter and do the feeding. Woman will spend hours snuggling with their cat and they are drawn to small furry creatures who like to be pampered, spoiled and oohed and aahed over. And yet, cats have a stroke of independence and you must earn their trust and loyalty. Cats show you their ultimate love with their purrs and yet they never let you forget they are the boss and call the shots. Just when you are certain your cat will come when you call him, he takes great pleasure in grooming himself and completely ignoring your voice. This is not unlike women in general and it is why we so easily relate to cats. Most of these men tend to be uncomfortable around women too. It is the blatant sexuality of the cat that makes some men nervous. The Egyptian goddess Bastest is the representative of sensuality, fertility, womanness and motherhood - and she is depicted as a cat and embodies the essence of both the feline and the woman. Men who are physically abusive to animals usually pick the cat - in fact cats far outnumber dogs as their victim of choice. How men relate to cats is a good indication as to how men relate to women in general. Men who do not like cats, tend to be overbearing and controlling in their household. I personally never adopt a cat to a woman who tells me her husband does not like cats but told her she could have one if she really wanted it. I believe everyone in a household needs to want a cat or dog, or it just doesn't work out. As much as I hate stereotyping, I realize this entire column involved just that - and I know there are many individuals who fit outside the box. But even in the animal protection or rescue business, it is still women who traditionally are the leaders of the causes. They are the ones out in the streets, day to day caring for our feral cat colonies and trapping, taming and finding homes. Men are more masculine and those that do get involved in the animal protection circuit, generally are the ones running the show - the ones who come up with the plans that the women put into place. Whichever side fits you best, as long as you are caring for the animals in your household, it does not matter. But wherever possible, try to look at the other side's view of the cat or dog. Ladies, take a walk with the dog (its great exercise) and gentlemen, you would be surprised how relaxing a purring cat on your lap while watching television really is!