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2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/10/26-29 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:45001 Activity:kinda low
10/26   I seem to having this same conversation a lot recently:

        them: Hey get a Yahoo/MSN/hotmail account.
        me: No. I already have a gmail account.
        them: Just get one so I can IM you.
        me: Use AIM or gtalk like everyone else.
        them: But I don't use AIM or gtalk.
        me: Fine, I'll get one. Just don't send me email me there.
        (months later)
        them: Hey, I sent you an email/evite weeks ago and you ignored me.
        me: No you didn't.
        them: Yes I did.
        me: What account did you send it to?
        them: xxxx@yahoo/
        me: I don't check that account. Send it to my gmail account next time.
        them: Why not?
        me: Because it's not my freaking email address you moron. Get a clue.
        (repeat over and over and over again)

        What the hell? Why do people insist that you check an email account
        you never use and then bitch and complain when you don't respond to
        their emails?
        \_ You sure are bitchy.
        \_ I've never had that problem.  Maybe you need friends that
           aren't dumb?
           \_ seconded
              \_ Thirded, but I have a friend who only has gtalk.  "What's
                 wrong with gtalk?" ... When he IMs me I never notice it.
        \_ The invisible hand.
        \_ Forward e-mail from that address to the one you do read.
           \_ AFAIK, neither support forwarding.
        \_ AIM?  I thought nobody uses AIM anymore.  I stopped logging in to
           my AIM a couple years ago.
           \_ Really? Most of my interns (current EECS students) only use
              AIM, which is why I got an AIM account.
        \_ I got that same problem.  Here is how i solved it.
           1. use thunderbird and /or  client that supports both imap and pop3
           2. use mr.postman so all yahoo/hotmail account email will be
              end up in your local mail client
           3. use gaim so you can talk to every friends of you (5 total)
              using their IM software of the week.
           The only thing I can't solve right now is that my friends starts to
           use Microsoft's as their blog  service.  That service
           can not be accessed without using Microsoft's official client,
           using Internet Explorer.   Let me know if you guys find a way to
           get around that.             kngharv
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