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2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/8/28-29 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:44174 Activity:low
8/28    "Former Marine who sparked Okinawa furor is dead in suspected
        murder-suicide" (
        \_ Why is this newsworthy?
           \_ Because some of us were paying attention when this asshole
              went and tarnished the reputation of Marines everywhere. -!op
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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David Allen, Stars and Stripes Pacific edition, Friday, August 25, 2006 CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa Almost 11 years after the crime that recharged opposition to US bases here, a former Marine convicted in the abduction and rape of an Okinawa schoolgirl is believed to have killed a Georgia woman before committing suicide in her apartment. Ledet is referred to as a suspect as long as there is an active investigation, Brock said. He said the medical examiner must file his report for the investigation to wrap up, expected to happen later this week. She apparently had been sexually assaulted, then killed by strangulation and a blow to the head, according to the Journal-Constitution. Ledet and Cooper were former co-workers, according to the police report. There were no signs of forced entry into Coopers off-campus apartment, which was in a gated, luxury community, Brock said. The coroner said Ledet committed suicide, apparently several hours after Cooper was killed, according to the Journal-Constitution account. The bodies were discovered Sunday when Coopers parents went to check on her after not hearing from the marketing major for several days. Ledet was a 21-year-old private first class when sentenced in March 1996 with Pfc. Rodrico Harp, 22, and Navy Seaman Marcus Gill, 23, a medic, for raping a 12-year-old girl they abducted from a street corner in Kin village, just outside Camp Hansen where they were stationed. The incident, which occurred on Labor Day 1995, outraged Okinawans, resulting in several large protest rallies. In 1996, the United States and Japan signed a bilateral agreement to reduce the amount of land on Okinawa covered by US bases by 21 percent. Harp and Gill were sentenced to seven years of hard labor in a Japanese prison. Ledet who claimed he changed his mind about the rape but faked having sex with the girl because he feared Gill was sentenced to 6 years. All three men were released from prison in 2003 and dishonorably discharged.
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Very smooth, very easy first day back to school Some parents choked back tears while other greeted Monday with relief as tens of thousands of school-age children who attend Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe began the new school year. Ramadi checkpoints allowing US troops to isolate enemy By securing major thoroughfares into and out of Ramadi, US and Iraqi army commanders say they have been able to isolate insurgents within the city. Task Force Katrina gave troops chance to help their own One year ago this week, 71,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines undertook what Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called the greatest disaster-recovery effort in Americas history. Army official: Iraqis improving, but not ready to take over Army Brig. Dana Pittard says the competence of Iraqs security forces is night and day compared to six months ago, but they arent yet ready to take complete responsibility for safeguarding their homeland. Navy Reserve seeking more masters-at-arms The need for masters-at-arms has spiked in recent years, creating strong opportunities for advancement for active-duty sailors looking to join the Navy Reserve. Navy ups retention bonuses for nuclear-trained officers The $9,500 increase comes with the Navy 37 nuclear submarine captains short of its fiscal 2006 goal, in part because the number of sub captains who have retired over the past three years has increased by 20 percent. The US Air Force may have hit on a way to enable its South Korea-based fighter pilots to train with live air-to-air missiles, which theyve been unable to do while stationed in South Korea. As some 400 Marines with the 9th Engineer Support Battalion left from Camp Hansen for duty in Iraq last week, they received news of the death of Sgt. Dwayne E Williams, the third 9th ESB bomb disposal technician killed in Iraq this year. USFJ to aid in Tokyo quake drill US Forces Japan will play an active role in the Tokyo metropolitan governments sixth annual earthquake disaster-prevention drill Friday, a shift from previous years when US installations were used only as staging areas.