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2019/07/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/8/22-24 [Consumer/GPS] UID:44103 Activity:nil
8/22    Casio is coming out w/ a GPS wristwatch: (
2019/07/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2007/2/16-23 [Consumer/GPS] UID:45747 Activity:nil
2/16    Any recommendations on a navigation system (GPS) for driving?
        I'm looking for something in the $300-$400 range ...
        \_ I have the Garmin 2610 and I love it. Very customizable in
           terms of what to display (tabs), and the remote comes very
           handy. The screen is also among the better ones, and have
           automatic brightness adjustment based on surrounding light
2005/12/10-11 [Consumer/GPS] UID:40950 Activity:nil
12/9    Want to buy wife a GPS unit for car. Any recommendations? She is not
        a tech freak, so it needs to be non-geek friendly. It would also be
        nice to know which ones to avoid. TIA.
        \_ garmin c320, $400 @ amazon
2004/9/27 [Consumer/GPS] UID:33773 Activity:nil
9/27    Nice Garmin GPS costs about $600+. Is it better to just get a PDA+
        GPS plug in thing as it is cheaper and can do more? What are the pros
        and cons of doing so? ok thx
        \_ Garmin units are very nice. They are very well built, and
           the software on those units in my experience has been top
           quality.  I never liked PDA+ units, as they are very fragile
2004/8/26-27 [Consumer/GPS] UID:33166 Activity:nil
8/26    Anyone have a GPS handheld device?  How often do you use it?
        Why do you use it?
        \-i have  garmin. i orginally got it partly for "cool" factor
          and prtly for altitude information on hiking/trekking trips.
          i dont use it much because the current generation eats batteries
          to fast and the signal amplification isnt good so even moderate
2004/7/12 [Consumer/GPS] UID:32233 Activity:high
7/12    Does anyone know how the garmin unlock key works? I can't find much
        info on the web and the gps newsgroup is too sensitive to this topic.
        \_ Are you trying to upload mapdate you have obtained illegally?
           \_ Yes, now fuck off.
        \_ Get the real thing, steal a PLGR or DAGR, and try cracking the
           the government authorization system. Post results here.\
2004/6/22 [Consumer/Audio] UID:30945 Activity:insanely high
6/22    Mp3 players...opinions?  iPod?  iRiver?  Rio?  WHAT IS THE STANDARD?
        \_ If you own a recent BMW or MINI, get an iPod. They work with
           your steering wheel controls now.
2004/5/3-4 [Consumer/Audio] UID:29972 Activity:high 53%like:30723
5/3     What's a good gadget to buy? I have $1000.
        \_ 200 nights with yermom
        \_ hire thug to steal all of the below.
        \_ Apple iMac
        \_ Garmin GPS 60c
2004/1/3-4 [Consumer/GPS] UID:11654 Activity:nil
1/3     Is there a way to backup waypoints on a Garmin GPS to my PC without
        buying software?
        \_ As long as you have the PC-GPS cable, try downloading EasyGPS,
  It's free. There are more like it out there.
          \_ Awesome!  Thanks!
        \_ Just FYI, the GPS data is sent through a standard RS232 port and
2001/8/22-23 [Consumer/GPS] UID:22205 Activity:nil
8/21    Someone told me that you could download GPS simulators before you
        buy them. Where can I find the web site for them? I've already
        gone to Magellan and Garmin but couldn't find any handheld GPS
        simulator. Thanks.
        \_ Garmin Emap, simply the best. Just buy it.
2001/7/5-6 [Consumer/GPS] UID:21716 Activity:high
7/5     Looking for personal experiences with various GPS systems.  Can you
        tell me what brand you have and how you like it?  And how much it is
        of course.  Thanks.
        \_ dude get a REAL GPS receiver. Get a PLGR.. oh wait.. it's a federal
           felony to have one.. oh well.
2000/12/22-27 [Consumer/GPS, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:20160 Activity:low
12/22   I am going on a trip to India soon.  Any recommendation for
        an inexpensive but decent GPS?  I will also use it for future
        trekking and hiking trip, both foreign and domestic.
        \- see and the sat-nav news group. you can
        probably get a faily basic one for $100-150. you canb also search the
        walllogs. these days i think you are basically paying for storage
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Casio is cashing in on the statistically-driven-jogger craze by unveiling the GPR-100. Hailed as the "world's smallest GPS-enabled watch," the unit combines all the goodness found in your average wristwatch with the swank abilities of GPS in order to better analyze your exercise. arm-dominating contraptions we've seen, this waterproof wristwatch syncs up with GPS satellites to calculate the time, speed, distance, pace, and averages of your run, while keeping track of your route should you deviate from the beaten path. You also get a "fully automatic" calendar, stopwatch, alarm, and even a backlight for those late night excursions. The biggest dig on this otherwise fanciful little timepiece is the battery life; the rechargeable LiOn apparently lasts just 2 hours in "normal operation," while legging out 43 hours in "low power mode." The Garmin Forerunner 305 seems like a much better deal. If you're a runner, a GPS watch is a very useful tool for pacing yourself as well as keeping a log. Downloading tracks to Google Earth is a way cool feature. CONTENT%3C%3Ec nt_id=10134198673958098&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=9852723697223384&PRODUCT %3C%3Eprd_id=845524442492820&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395903526&b mUID=1156276053531 Sooooooo much cooler . I have a 301 (w/ heart monitor) and bought the 205 ('cause I never used the heart monitor). I'm curious how these smaller watches (like the Casio or Suunto) perform, though. Add your comments Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry: inappropriate or purely promotional comments may be removed. Email addresses are never displayed, but they are required to confirm your comments. To create a live link, simply type the URL (including http://) or email address and we will make it a live link for you. Line breaks and paragraphs are automatically converted -- no need to use <p> or <br> tags. Your name (required): Your email address (required, will not be shown to the public): Your site's URL (optional): Do you want us to remember your personal information for next time? CEATEC Japan 2006 is the world's technology innovation trade show. Register here to attend to hear news from Japan's leading technology companies on trends and products before they hit the US market.
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MyMo, Taiwanese company GuideTek Tec hnology will intro the iCare Baby Bear cell phone to fill the gaping voi d in devices that may mangle young brains. It is iCute to the point of b eing iNauseating, but is so simple that we may as well just implant them in our toddlers, already. bigger digits in you somewhere), we have to say this is definitely the m ost intense American Samsung handset weve seen in a long time. Expect i t in the second quarter to come with that 2-megapixel camera, swiveling dual display, EVDO support, Bluetooth, MPEG-4 video support, stereo spea kers and VOD. Very nice indeed, especially since it still happens to be very small and light; however, we didnt catch a memory slot on this thi ng, and that could be a big problem real quick. cars We havent really given a whole lot of thought to where all the antennas are hidden in modern cars; were just glad theyre not sticking up on th e hood like they used to. But the New York Times has queried the industr y, and has a good overview of where the wires are stashed. It turns out there are people in the auto industry who spend their whole careers find ing places to hide antennas that are needed for everything from keyless entry systems to cruise-control systems. Good spots include the insides of doors, side mirrors and windows. If youre in the market for a personal mugging deterrent, or perhaps if you have an ex-friend you really want to deafen, peep the $3 00 Sonic Devestator from Future Horizons. Its a handheld, battery-power ed device outfitted with an output transducer that emits intense ultraso nic blasts at 130 decibels. At that level, its safe to say youll be ab le to startle any would-be attackers in the near vicinity supposedly e ffective in the range between between 20 and 50ft. To say that this devi ce produces irritation is, well, an understatement. NTT DoCoMo did the slider form factor justice in the D901i. You just cant argue with a 262k color 24-inch QVGA screen (esp ecially not one with lots of crazy crap on it, like above), let alone a miniSD slot, 2-megapixel camera, QR code support, and 3G. Plus, gotta lo ve that chic 70s amber/beige/earthtone/copper color scheme. AOL Logo America Online is rolling out some new services to mobile carriers, inclu ding the Instant Pictures feature for AIM and two new MapQuest features. The Find Me feature uses GPS to help cellphone users locate themselves, get maps and driving directions, and find nearby sites of interest. The Traffic feature delivers realtime traffic info for 90 major US cities . The 35 x 12 x 083-inch device only has a miniscu le 262k color 128 x 160 pixel LCD but what do you expect? It also hits y ou up with a VGA resolution camera, 87MB internal memory, and TransFlash (aka microSD). PMP thickerin this case, the Erae Foceat the novelty e xpensive of slide-revealed controls and 2oz of wow. And maybe its just us, but it looks pretty big for a 5GB Microdrive based player, too. The 42 x 19 x 065-inch phone weighs only 345 ounces, has an OLED subdisplay, and sit s in a magnesium and aluminum case. It may not be all that feature rich, but dont worry so much about it; You know, we figured wed really give it the onc e-over, just for fairness sake. And then we looked at one another and s aid, What were they thinking? Maybe if they can add X-ray vision capa bilities in the 2nd rev? PEBLbut a lot more plasticy , and somehow even a lot more desirable. Kyoceras A1430K has a very ret ro-display feel to its subdisplay, while the inside was nice and shiny c lean, featuring a 22-inch QVGA LCD. Oh, and that lack of metal made for a severely light device, one we wouldnt be ashamed at all to carry des pite its lack of features otherwise, and general super-femminess. Yeah, outside the VGA camera, the handset wasnt really of note, but damn if t he Japanese low-end isnt just so very nice. Sonys Connect online music store, at least not when its la unched later this year. Nah, instead itll have support for both MP3 and AAC, with the idea is that youll load it up with music from your own c ollection (itll ship with a 512MB Memory Stick Duo card). We were told that eventually they might add support for Connect (which would require a firmware upgrade, since the W800 doesnt currently support ATRAC3), as well as whatever wireless music download services the carriers might be cooking up, but in the meantime they just want to make it easy for peop le to get music on to their phones, and over-the-air aint it. its soft materials are perfect for the fashion style of young wom en. Is it just us, or does this phone kind of remind you of what ET w ould look like if reincarnated as a femmy Japanese VGA-cameraphone? PS Engrish bonus: A soft and lovely mobile phone just for you. PPS Second Engrish bonus: Japans first mobile phone wrapped in soft material for a cushiony feel. Gotta love cellphones with the same descr iptive terms as toilet paper. Visa smart card You remember how stoked everyone got when Visa was all up on chipping the ir cards (not that anything really useful came of thatat least in Ameri ca, anyway); already 10% of Visa customers worldwide have their CCs pimp ed like that. Visa wants to have cards with flexible LCD, OTF T, or OLED displays that read out recent transactions, balances, or exch ange rates, and other relevant information. Okay, sounds good to us, but then you have to worry about securing the credit card with biometric co untermeasures, and adding microprocessors and even wireless and syncing, by the end youll wind up with a 05-inch thick $150 piece of plastic t he maitred s just going to cut up after dinner when youve overextende d your line of credit. Firefly were gracious enough to let us tool around a li ttle while with their emergency cellphone, and believe it or not, we act ually started to forget it was a kids device. In all reality, it might just as easily make for a great backup emergency phone to give your swee tie, but they didnt forget who it was really intended for: the Firefly felt very sturdy in that plasticy, kids stuff kinda way. Okay, so theyre showing it off at CeBIT, and Samsungs claiming this 35g biz to bust 50Mbps on the 23GHz band (thats a new oneoh, and despite what the Inq says, no , WiFi and Bluetooth actually do reside on the 24GHz band) and be capab le of supporting seamless tower handoffs at up to about 35mph. Except Samsung already gave em up and had WiBro running in December of last year; plus theyre already rolling it out to three Korean carriers and testing in Japan and the US. as weve w hined before, we cant stand dealing with batteries. And were psyched t hat at least two companies Toshiba and Antig Technology were showing off their latest methanol cells at CeBIT last week. Antig has actually come up with a cell that you can pop into the CD bay of your laptop (ass uming you can get along without your optical drive), which they claim wi ll be market-ready later this year. Toshiba, however, is still hedging o n their long-delayed drive, saying that it wont be ready for commercial production until theyve addressed size, weight and regulatory issues. We dont know what Antig has done to address these issues that Toshiba h asnt, but well be first in line to check out their cell when it launch es. In other words, in the SLVR family, its the middle of the road. Otherwise, both werent quite as small as w ed hoped, but they felt very solid; wed be more than happy to slip one in our back pocket and take off with it. Remixed Slider KX5 at the show tod aynot a whole lot remixed from most of the other sliders weve seen, bu t it did have a few interesting twists. Namely, Kyoceras and Alienware s partnership became apparent with the Kyocera Gamepad, a weird dock-ish gamepad amalgam. It may have wobbled a lot more than wed have liked, b ut at least its different; they also showed off the audio dock, which w asnt much more than a charging cradle with audio outs for playing music off the phone. Nokia 6155 Nokia dropped three newbies of CDMA loving grace today: the 6155 (shown a bove) sports a 1-megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video recording/ playback at 15fps, 262k color primary display. It ...