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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/8/2-6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:43869 Activity:kinda low
8/2     Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab employee arrested on child porn
        The thing I think is iteresting here is that the Lab has gone into
        damage control mode.  (Press releases that say things like, "We
        are fully cooperating with the police," etc.)  Do you really need
        damage control in a case like this?
        \_ I don't know what grant or funding politics are like for
           that sort of organization, but I assume there is quite a bit
           of nastiness that goes on when competing for govt. money.  It
           would be pretty easy to insinuate shit like "well, their people
           are just surfing for kiddy porn on taxpayer dough" to the press.
           I've seen worse.  -John
           \- Livermore is an employer with +10k employee ... dont you think
              this is just a matter of statistics? It's not like they were
              running a massive bittorrent p0rn server. Resources spent
              playing Big Brother costs real money, and imposes real costs
              [should the computer security people run "find *.jpg"
              in people homedirs and have somebody spend 10hrs a week
              looking these over?]
              \_ You're preaching to the saved.  Pr0n at the workplace, if
                 you consider it a problem, is not something you can solve
                 technically, and I argue this constantly (it's a management
                 issue.)  Unfortunately, there's a combination of factors,
                 such as many managers not wanting to take ownership of
                 talking to employees whose work is being affected by non-
                 work stuff, over-zealous HR people, legal guys worried about
                 harassment suits and senir management who see this sort of
                 thing in a very binary manner, that often results in demands
                 for excessive "pre-emptive" measures.  But in this case I
                 was just commenting on the logic behind the "damage control"
                 that op asked about--I don't know the politics that surround
                 LLNL, and was assuming that this was just pre-emptive to
                 avoid the case being misused by someone overly zealous or
                 with a political agenda.  -John
              \_ It's odder than that, all the porn was at home, none
                 was at work.  So to my mind, LLNL has absolutely nothing
                 to do with this.  Never the less, I think John has a
                 point about politics. (Digression from above: LLNL DOES
                 put a lot of man power into watching out for porn at
                 work.) -op
                 \- i didnt look at the details carefully, but if what you say
                    is true, this is a good example of "if the press wants to
                    do a hatchet job on you, no matter what steps you take,
                    thay can allways paint it as unreasonable" [save the
                    thay can always paint it as unreasonable" [save the
                    children, your tax dollars at work etc]. which isnt to say
                    "do nothing" but dont let "the standard of care" be "what
                    will satisfy a reporter with a small brain". [at various
                    times i have been involved in "appropriate use" compliance
                    issues and there is a very strong correlation with the
                    overall resonableness and cleverness of people working in
                    this area and their distate for being involved ... the one
                    person who was enthusiastic about this was a lying, incom-
                    petent sack of shit, who did a lot of underhanded political
                    things here, had no respect of anybody reasonable and some
                    what creepily made it part of his job to visit some of
                    the tagged WEEB site to make sure they were perverted/

        \_ Wen Ho Lee got reamed for far less. -proud American
           \_ To be fair, leaving around diskettes of nuclear secrets
              is a lot worse than child porn.
              \_ And your basis for saying he did is...?
                \_ I thought he pled guilty to carelessly copying
                   classified nuclear crap to data cassettes and leaving
                   it in unclassified areas, probably for a job interview?
                   I don't think he was out there selling our secrets
                   to the Chinese, he was just really careless.  Feel
                   free to prove me wrong.
                   \_ No, he didn't plead guilty to that.
                   \_ he was being single out because he is Chinese.
                      There are plenty of people in the lab do exactly the
                      same thing or worse but they end up in... hmm...
                      \_ I bet they don't anymore!
                      lecture hall of MIT instead of solidary comfinment
                      for 23 hours a day, shackled from waist down, for
                      9 month.  May be you should really work for Christopher
                      Cox (author of "The Cox Report", now Chairman of SEC).
                      \_ and dude I don't know Chinese but I KNOW your
                         English is better than this, what is your problem?
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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SUSAN HOUGHTON, a spokeswoman for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Police Chief Steve Krull hold a press conference at the Livermore Police Department on Monday about an accused pornographer. LIVERMORE -- A Lawrence Livermore Lab computer technician is facing several felony counts of sexual assault and child pornography after police found thousands of "disturbing" child porn photographs on several computers and at least five local victims. "The photos are shocking," Police Chief Steve Krull said. Jimmy Dean Sanderson, 49, appeared in court for the first time Monday. He is charged with oral copulation, two counts of penetration with a foreign object, posing a minor in a sexual manner -- all felonies -- and possession of child pornography, a misdemeanor. The victims range in age from 7 to 10, except for one 26-year-old handicapped woman. Sanderson was arrested July 25 at his home on the 500 block of Humboldt Way. Police began their investigation five days earlier, Capt. "We got some information and served a search warrant at his home," Sweeney said. the initial arrest, Sanderson posted $40,000 bail and was released. But just a few hours later, police "found new evidence" and arrested him again and this time the court set bail at $500,000, Krull said. Police found several thousand photographs of nude girls on Sanderson's personal computers. "We have a number of unidentified juveniles in the photos," he said. "In some instances, the victims' faces were superimposed on other pornographic material." Sweeney said prior to a Monday afternoon press conference that some photographs were posted on the Internet. Susan Houghton, spokeswoman for the Lawrence Livermore Lab, said Sanderson was hired by the lab in April 2002 and worked in an unclassified area as a computer programmer in the lab's Industrial Partnership and Commercialization Department. "From an intelligence perspective, there are no issues," Houghton said. His work computer and work area have been locked up by investigators, but police have not determined if he used his work computer for the alleged crimes. Investigators still are trying to determine if there are other suspects involved, although there is no evidence that points to any other employees of the lab. Sanderson is married and has a family, Krull said, but would not specify if the victims were his direct family members. Anyone who has children who may have come in contact with Sanderson is asked to call the police department at (925) 371-4717 and ask for Steve Sweeney.