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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/6/12-15 [Consumer/Audio] UID:43365 Activity:nil
6/12    Can you guys hear this?
        I'm 32 and I hear it loud and clear on both of my headset and my
        desktop speakers and it gives me a big headache. However, my friend
        can barely hear it. Same age. How about you?
        \_ Yes (27) but I found this one to be much less annoying:
        \_ Yes, 32.4.
        \_ Yes, and ouch.                  -mice
        \_ Ow. --29.5
        \_ Yes, though it's much less noticible than regular audio at the same
           volume. --25.8
        \_ Yes. --37
        \_ Yes, that's horrible. -29
        \_ Yep. -28 (So much for that theory... although maybe in a classroom
           environment where people weren't actually listening for it, it would
           not be as noticeable.)
        \_ I'm 32 and I could barely notice it, especially in my right ear.
        \_ Painfully loud - 35.5
        \_ yes. -27
        \_ I hear a buzzing sound on desktop speakers. Nothing on headphones.
        \_ Yes, it hurts, but maybe if I was in another part of a busy room,
           no.  I suspect age is only an indicator of the real reason which
           is how much loud noise have you been subjected to over your life.
           At 36, a fair amount but not as much as most people.
        \_ I can hear it, but faintly. I cannot hear the "mosquito" at all. -ausman (41)
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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AP Students find ring tone adults can't hear Mon Jun 12, 1:45 PM ET NEW YORK - Students are using a new ring tone to receive messages in class -- and many teachers can't even hear the ring. Click Here Some students are downloading a ring tone off the Internet that is too high-pitched to be heard by most adults. With it, high schoolers can receive text message alerts on their cell phones without the teacher knowing. As people age, many develop what's known as aging ear -- a loss of the ability to hear higher-frequency sounds. The ring tone is a spin-off of technology that was originally meant to repel teenagers -- not help them. A Welsh security company developed the tone to help shopkeepers disperse young people loitering in front of their stores while leaving adults unaffected. Donna Lewis, a teacher in Manhattan, says her colleague played the ring for a classroom of first-graders -- and all of them could hear it, while the adults couldn't hear anything. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.
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Info Exchange Features > The sound that repels troublemakers A Mosquito, yesterday. The sound that repels troublemakers A device emitting a soundwave which is designed to drive young troublemakers away from a problem area of Swindon has been hailed as a success. The 'Mosquito' sonic deterrent device was installed by the Wyvern Theatre in an attempt to stop groups of up to 100 youngsters from gathering around Theatre Square. Click below to listen to a feature about the 'Mosquito' device from BBC Radio Swindon's Breakfast Show with Peter Heaton-Jones broadcast on 14/06/06. Realplayer The Wyvern Theatre The Wyvern Theatre It was named the 'Mosquito' because the sound resembles that of a buzzing insect. And it works by emitting a harmless ultra sonic tone that generally can only be heard by people aged 25 and under. In trials, it has proven that the longer someone is exposed to the sound, the more annoying it becomes. Crime Reduction Officer Bob Walton elaborated further: "Effectively, it's a transmitter which sends out a specialised frequency noise which according to the manufacture is particularly audible to young people under the age of 25. He said: "I'm in my fifties and when it's turned on all I can hear is a very faint buzz. But I understand from young people who have been exposed to the noise, it is very annoying." Swindon's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator Cheri Wright says it is working well. She said: "We had a meeting with local retailers arounds here - after it had been installed for around three weeks - and feedback was really positive. "Everyone was saying there has been a marked reduction in criminal damage and problems with the shops, so they've really welcomed it." Click the link below to listen to an MP3 of the 'Mosquito' sonic deterrent soundwave to see if you are susceptible or not. Listen to the soundwave > last updated: 14/06/06 Have Your Say Your name: Your comment: Send The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted. but I did feel some pressure on my eardrums and they ached, but thats it. jeffro I was reading through the list of replies and came across a lengthy post by Steve. There are some points I would like to make pertaining to his statistics. Steve: almost 25% of all disorderly conduct crimes are committed by teens. Sorry if the committed by teens phrase is getting redundant. Given these numbers of teens having such high percentages of crimes pertaining to stealing, vandalism, arson, sex offenses and drug abuse, you may find a little bit of common sense to understand why people may not want teens loitering outside, therefore increasing the chances of crimes committed by teens! This means that 75% of all disorderly conduct crimes are committed by adults. Sorry if the committed by ADULTS phrase is getting redundant. Given these numbers of ADULTS having such high percentages of crimes pertaining to stealing, vandalism, arson, sex offenses and drug abuse, you may find a little bit of common sense to understand why people may not want ADULTS loitering outside, therefore increasing the chances of crimes committed by ADULTS! I want to thank Steve for putting these statistics together for us all. It amazing what happens when you look at it from a different angle. From Steves own statistics it appears that a group of teens is safer for the community than adults are. Weather you choose to admit it Steve, it is fascism at its finest. Funny thing about fascism, it seems like a good idea until you are the one on the short end of the stick. Ana Im 40 years old, and I hear it just fine, just as my 13 year old son does. The device may drive them away but still doesnt address the problem. More devices installed until the point that you have to stay indoors and soundproof your walls in order to keep your sanity? Instead of installing dehumanizing repellant devices, their resources could be better spent in creating activities for these children. Perhaps someone will come up with a device that is very irritating only to the elderly. Do you think that society would accept that as readily as they have this? If I come to a shopping mall and hear one of these devices they will not get any of my money. Hopefully they will hold on to the resentment they feel for the fascist adults and make their life miserable in their golden years. If you are upset about teenagers just hanging out then you have either forgotten what it is like to be a teenager, or you had no life as one. You reap what you sew and I hope that the kids that are victimized by this device will remember the intolerance the adults of today, so they can pay back the elderly of tomorrow with the same. jontboy im 11 and i could hear it fine , but its not annoying, or painful. i still dont understand how younge ppl can hear it but old ppl cant.. j has anyone studied the lasting effects it will have on or ears, worse yet our brains? and say a whole block of stores adopts this 'teen-repelant', have they considered how much buisness they will lose? not just from teens but the apparent adults that also hear it. if this noise affects people under 25 what about very small kids and even babies? can they're ears and un-developed brains take this sound? Logan is it good for your ears I was afraid jackie & andrew from waterloo we just heard about this on mtv and thought we'd check it out, not really thinking it could be true. We can both still hear it, and definitly made our heads feel weird. being 21 and 22, we are past the age of hanging out in front of stores. We both work full time jobs are out of high school and are not the type to cause trouble. however, we would visit stores that might very well be blasting this sound. How do they expect people who are there to shop or whatever, deal with that noise? And if people as old as 50 are hearing, i guess its not really working as well as they'd hoped now is it? I used a spectral analyzer on the above MP3 There is a high frequency pulse that I was able to isolate and actually hear. For those of you that are having difficulties hearing the tone, try shutting off your monitors while playing the MP3 file. Your monitor puts out a tone very close to the ring tone and may be masking what is coming out of your speakers kristy am 13. McKenzie MG The fact people were so readily to use this is quite disheartening. Funny how something that's supposed to stop loitering is painful to many people of different ages like myself (23), my Father (53), and a couple of my friends (15-45), INSTANTLY. The lack of concern shown for any adverse side affects and what affects it has on any local wild life is quite disturbing as well. Sound and vibrations are not some simple little play toys to dick around with at your own whim. kathy I'm 41, I guess I have young ears because that sound wave is annoying to me. So I bet their is other adults out their that can hear it to. pat i cant hear it with my ipod head phones but i can hear it with my other ones TazZilla The pulsing is annoying. Beth Im only 15 and i thought this was a terrible noise. second, if they don't want teenagers hanging around they could hire someone to "recruit" them for employment. pet owners have similar things to call their pets (dog whistles) and things like shock collars. Judith Forrest Well, I tested it and I can hear it clearly at medium level. its an awsome idea and i dont think its discrimination because SOME teachers are mean and they pick on u and they deserve it lol hahaha just kidding lol John I can hear it, but it's easy to tune out, so i'm not sure why this would be effective as a deterrent. still ok, the problem is I do not know if the sound I hear is the sound I should hear. matt everyone at school has found out about it and some kids aren't affected. so those kids annoyed everyone else with it baby im 4 1/2 and i can hear the nosie. i can hear it, but when i played it my parents couldn't.. however im not sure i would want to hear that all the time.. albert 29, sounds like an annoying higher pitched cricket. cody (11) I heard it perfectly and my dad only heard the two sticks in the middle! Carol All I heard was what sounded like men working with a hammer and laughing. I c...