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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/6/12-15 [Transportation/Car, Industry/Startup] UID:43361 Activity:nil
        40 self-reliant climbers left an Everest climber to die.
        I bet most of them are Republicans.
        \- while this is troubling and there may be relevant details
        \- while this is disturbing and there may be relevant details
           which are not mentioned, the "moral hazard" problem with
           something like an expensive everest trip is a very real
           one. "moral hazard" in ths case meaning "i can go in
           underprepared because someone else will have to pull
           my bacon out of the fire". in the everest case, unlike
           say mckinley maybe, the answer is not "they should be
           forced to post a rescue bond or get some kind of evac
           insurance", because helipoptering somebody out is not
           insurance", because helicoptering somebody out is not
           really an option. also, as the size of the climbing
           community widens, it's highly likely the norms of a small
           group with repeated encounters and thicker bonds will
           change. so is your "democratic" solution the nepalese
           govt should simply not allow non-highly outfitted
           climbers on to the mountain? deaths are perhaps not a
           daily event in the sola khumbu [the everest region]
           but a certain fact of operating there [when i was in
           that part of nepal, i heard about 5 deaths, and i wasnt
           there in the main pre-monsoon climbing season but in
           the post monsoon secondary season] and i am sure we
           didnt hear about everything.
           didnt hear about everything. i'll avoid a broader and
           more abstract dscussion about moral obligation in efforts
           to cut down my motd time.
           \_ Once again your long discussion has been classified as:
              Lots of words but contributes very little to the discussion.
              \- you clearly dont know what "moral hazard" means,
                 have not followed the mckinley insurance controversy ,
                 and dont have a framework to think about reputational
                 effects in different sized social groups.
                 i.e. you are E_TOOSHORT and missing the points.
                 you on the other hand truly contribute nothing, and
                 dont get style points for originality either.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Add To Insider Newsclips advertisement Everest climber left to die alone By Thomas Bell LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH May 23, 2006 KATMANDU, Nepal -- Mark Inglis, an amputee who conquered Mount Everest on artificial legs last week, yesterday defended his party's decision to carry on to the summit despite coming across a dying climber. As his team climbed through the "death zone," the area above 26,000 feet where the body begins to shut down, they passed David Sharp, 34, a stricken British climber who later died. Mr Inglis, 47, a New Zealander, said: "At 28,000 feet it's hard to stay alive yourself. for quite a lot at the time and it was a very hard decision. "About 40 people passed him that day, and no one else helped him apart from our expedition. He wasn't a member of our expedition, he was a member of another, far less professional one." Mr Sharp was among eight persons who have died on Everest this year, including another member of his group, a Brazilian. Dewa Sherpa, a manager at Asian Trekking, the Katmandu company that outfitted Mr Sharp before his climb, said he had not taken enough oxygen and had no Sherpa guide. "He had taken two 4-liter oxygen bottles and he told me he was taking it as backup," said Mr Sherpa. I presume he wanted to go to the summit without oxygen." Climbing Everest without oxygen is very unusual because of the rapid mental and physical degeneration caused by the thin air. All the people in the team would have taken Sherpa services up to base camp and advance base camp and, beyond that, they would do it independently." The company charges $6,000 to provide services as far as base camp -- far less than the $35,000 or more cost of guided trips to the summit. Other mountaineers have criticized the commercialism of climbing the 29,035-foot peak, with guides charging huge sums to climbers with minimal experience. About 200 people have died on Everest since the first expeditions in the 1920s. The corpses are stepped over by climbers traveling the most popular routes. Mr Inglis, recovering in his Katmandu hotel yesterday, revealed blackened and swollen finger tips, which may be removed soon. He also suffered injuries to the stumps of his amputated legs caused by the repeated impacts of climbing on prosthetic limbs. His legs were removed below the knee because of frostbite on an expedition in 1982.