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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/5/4-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:42937 Activity:nil
        List of annoying driving habits:
        1. Distracted drivers talking on cell phones (28.5 percent)
        2. Slow drivers in the fast lane (21.6 percent)
        3. Pushy drivers who tailgate (18.1 percent)
        4. Drivers who weave through traffic to gain one or two
           car lengths (12.5 percent)
        5. Obnoxious drivers who speed up to keep you from changing
           lanes (5.5 percent)
        6. Hasty drivers who change lanes without signaling (4.9 percent)
        7. Road Rage (2.7 percent)
        8. Motorcyclists who race down the middle of a lane,
           between cars (2.1 percent)
        9. Women applying makeup and men shaving (1.7 percent)
        10. Drivers who leave their turn signal on for miles (0.92 percent)
        \_ Wow.  Distracted Drivers don't annoy me unless they interact with
           me in a dangerous fashion, at which time they frighten me.
2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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FINANCING Top 10 driving pet peeves Survey: Between the pushy and the clueless, it's the cell phoners that annoy drivers the most. Posted: 12:26 pm EDT (1626 GMT) RESEARCH A NEW CAR Get invoice and market prices, specs, reviews and photos. com) - Drivers who leave their turn signals on for miles? it's those juggling their cell phones that irritate their brethren the most, according to a recent insurance company survey. The list of the top ten most annoying driving habits describes, essentially, two types of annoying driver. The checked-out driver and the overly aggressive driver. The two things that most annoyed drivers, according to the survey, were "distracted drivers talking on cell phones," followed by "slow drivers in the fast lane." The annoyances that ranked third through seventh in the survey all relate to aggressive driving habits. They are, in order of rank: tailgating, weaving through traffic to gain one or two car lengths, speeding up to prevent other drivers from changing lanes, changing lanes without signaling, and "road rage." Motorcyclists made the list at number eight with the annoying habit of driving between lanes. Women applying makeup or men shaving in the car ranked ninth. The survey was conducted by Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures collectible cars. Web users at various automobile-related Websites were invited to respond to the survey. Results were compiled from about 10,000 responses, according to Hagerty.