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2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/5/3-11 [Computer/SW/Editors/IDE, Science/Space] UID:42909 Activity:nil
5/3     Where on the web can I find the video of the total solar eclipse
        of March 29 taken from the International Space Station that was
        shown on TV back then?  I tried to google for it unsuccessfully.
        \_ Does this help:
        \_ Are you sure there's video? Here's the photos:
        \_ Can you confirm this video ever existed?  The closest I could
           find are two still images:
        \_ Found it: -marked
           \_ Wait a sec, from the photos one can deduce from the position of the
              station, earth, moon, and sun, that the eclipse wasn't viewable
              from the station.
            \_ The station didn't experience the eclipse, in the sense that
               they were not in the moon's shadow.  But they could see the
               moon's shadow on the earth from their vantage point in
               space.  A friend told me he saw a video taken of this from
               the ISS on the news, but maybe he was confused.  Maybe it
               was just an animation or something.  -op
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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7/20    For those who care btw, it looks like eclipse is now A Standard Tool
        at UCB ugrad cs, probably replaced emacs.  Furthermore, people get
        angry at seeing Makefiles, (since eclispe takes care of that).  I
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2007/8/28 [Science/Space, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:47782 Activity:high
8/28    Did anyone watch the lunar eclipse last night?  I broke my $20
        binoculars while trying to focus to it.
        \_ How do you watch an eclipse at night... don't those happen
           when you can see the sun?
           \_ Ow ow ow....
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        automatically reload a file that's been externally edited--without
        brining up a confirmation dialog?
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        \_ Have you tried this: --oj
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        for me.  If I used a function illegally it would offer to change it to
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5/18    I'm working with a developer who's used to C++/Java development
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        inheritance, where functions are defined, where functions are
        used, etc.  We have a huge, painful application written in
        object oriented PHP that he's trying to figure out.  Do you
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2006/5/2-5 [Science/Space, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:42897 Activity:nil
5/2     any eclipse users on soda? anyone know where I can find something
        like an icon legend? i'm learning eclipse. it seems great, but
        there are 50,000 icons sprinkled everywhere that are hard to get
        accustomed to. thanks.
2013/2/5-3/4 [Science/Space] UID:54597 Activity:nil
2/5     "Asteroid 2012 DA14 to sweep close on February 15, 2013" (
        "It'll pass within the moon's distance from Earth - closer than the
        orbits of geosynchronous satellites."  What a close call!
        \_ (2/15) The meteor in Russia beated it.
        \_ (2/15) The meteor in Russia trumps it.
2012/9/3-11/7 [Science/Space, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:54471 Activity:nil
9/3     While most of America is committing more and more resources to fight
        obesity by promoting healthy diets, NASA was spending tax dollars
        looking for sugar in space ......
2012/9/18-11/7 [Science/Space] UID:54478 Activity:nil
9/18    The Space Shuttle Endeavour is doing a fly over of Nasa Ames on Friday: []
        \_ They have reached their cap on car passes!  Ahh!  I wish I heard
           about this earlier! :-(
        \_ I saw it above HW 101 in San Mateo this morning.  I wonder how many
           people in the Bay Area watched it (the real thing, not a broadcast.)
2012/6/26-7/20 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:54422 Activity:nil
6/26    WW2 brought us antibiotics, syringe, production capacity,
        excessive petroleum, radar, television, atomic energy,
        rocketry (HEIL VON BRAUN), synthetic rubber, microwave,
        computers (GAY TURING), jets.
        What did the Iraq war bring us?
        \_ HMMWV -> Hummer H1 the gas guzzler.
2011/12/18-2012/1/10 [Science/Space] UID:54263 Activity:nil
12/17   Mission Accomplished!
        \_ The Honorable President of the United States George W. Bush has
           already told me this ...... years ago!
2011/3/6-4/20 [Science/Physics, Science/Space] UID:54055 Activity:nil
3/5     "NASA scientist finds evidence of alien life" (
        \_ This was published in the Journal of Cosmology.  Here's a
           description of the very first paper they published, in 2009:
Cache (116 bytes) ->
- Sponsors NASA The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum NASA The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum Exploratorium
Cache (502 bytes)
This digital photo was taken by the Expedition 12 crew, Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev, who are wrapping up a six-month mission on the complex. Part of the Mediterranean Sea can be seen outside the shadow. This digital photo was taken by the Expedition 12 crew, Commander Bill McArthur and Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev, who are wrapping up a six-month mission on the complex. Visible near the shadow are portions of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea and the coast of Turkey.
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