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2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/2/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41853 Activity:high 66%like:41846
2/14    What did you give/get for Valentine's Day?
        \_ the lack of responses tells you that both students/alumni
           are pathetic dateless geeks.
           \_ Dude, this was posted on Valentine's Day.  Those of us giving
              and getting on the day of have better things to do than respond
              to shit on the motd in the evening. -dans
        \_ A hangover.  Dissapointingly, no black eye, however.  No one wanted
           to fight at the bar where I spent all night drinking alone.
           \_ You're either a) frequenting the wrong bar or b) not trying hard
              enough.  b) is more probable than a). -dans
              \_ A bit of both.  I won't start a fight, I was just ready for
                 one.  I guess that means I can't be dissapointed,  when you
                 think about it.
        \_ chocolate and a laptop.
        \_ Champagne and Zachary's pizza
        \_ I cooked for my gf and we ended up having sex. She wanted me to
           cum inside her vagina without any protection. I hesitated a bit
           but it turned out that she started using birth control last
           month. Condomless sex, the best VDay's gift a man can get.
           \_ She's been letting me ride bareback for a while now.
        \_ cooked for my gf, gave her silk pajamas for present.  then my
        \_ cooked for my gf, gave her a silk pajamas for present.  then my
           cold, cough and jet lag started acting up, so I took a nap on
           the sofa.  Woke up at 6 a.m.  Noticed she gave me extra
           blankets, box of tissues for blowing my nose, and set up a
           portable heater.  Left for work without waking her.
        \_ Gave:
           2 Dozen roses, a drive down highway 1 from Santa Cruz to San
           Francisco, and a tasty dinner at ShiMo Planned to surprise her by
           bringing her to Pillow Fight Club:
           and handing her a pillow in an obnoxiously cute Hello Kitty pillow
           cover, but we didn't make it to SF by 6:00.
           Fresh, hand picked flowers, unrequested help picking up the dinner
           check.  Quality time with my smart, gorgeous, and wonderful
           Ridiculously mind-blowing sex that left both of us unable to move
           for at least five minutes after we finished fucking.
           \_ did you use a condom?
           Unrelated Recommendation:
           ShiMo (2339 Clement @ approx. 25th Ave.), features the freshest and
           tastiest sushi I know of in SF.  Its specials are fantastic, the
           spicy scallop roll I had yesterday rocked.  Additionally ShiMo is
           reliably open until midnight, and if folks are eating/drinking they
           will stay open later.
           \_ Have you tried Koo?
        \_ A home cooked meal from me. Anal sex from her.
           \_ Wait, you had to cook for her before she'd do your ass?  Is that
              a cheap bribe for you guys, or was she teasing you and building
              up the anticipation?
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           \_ I didn't at berkeley, then i moved east, got an import
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first rule of pillow fight club: tell everyone you know about pillow fight club! second rule of pillow fight club: tell everyone you know about pillow fight club! pillow fight club is set to happen on february 14th at 6:00pm at justin herman plaza in SF. So I heard through the grapevine that there is a massive pillow fight planned for the City by the Bay on Valentine's Day. What better way to celebrate than to beat the living daylights out of the one you love/admire/adore/abhor with a pillow. Call in well, eat your homework, blame nothing on the dog and have a pillow fight, OUTDOORS too. My only reason for comming to SF on V-Day is for this pillow fight. at lunch, why don't you head out and pick yourself up a nice spare pillow (preferably a down feather pillow). if no pillow, then at least bring a camera to document the mayhem. Come on down to the Ice Cream Anti-Social at Glen Park Station Bar, were the "dateless" will be eating ice cream, drinking beer and bitching about their screwed up love life. According to traditional Catholic lore, the feast of Saint Valentine has traditionally been celebrated on February 14 in honor of a 3rd-century martyr whose head was cut off with a chainsaw (or something like that). Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago, the bombing of Dresden in WWII, and the death of Dolly the first cloned sheep. Yet somehow Halmark sank its hooks into this date and compounded the indignity with perhaps the worst fabricated holiday on the calendar. Not only does modern Valentine's day encourage deforestation and diabetes, it leaves single people around the world in an undeserved state of guilt and scorn. It's no wonder that bars turn a brisk business on this date. Laughing Squid has been getting out the word about a public pillow fight rumble tonight, at 6PM, in San Francisco, at Justin Herman Plaza. I'm working up in the City today and will knock off a little early to take pictures. Serena and her crew are reportedly gonna come strong with the goose smack down. Hundreds of people showed up for tonight's amazing Valentine's Day Pillow Fight in downtown San Francisco. It started and 6pm and continued in various forms for over an hour. I shot a crapload of photos and I'll post links to other photos and video as they come in. While many of you were with significant others celebrating this stupid "holiday" (yes, i am bitter and alone' - gold stars to whoever gets the song reference), steven/stephen/whatever and I bashed some heads in with pillows. Seems like more than a hundred people showed up to hit strangers with pillows, take pictures of strangers hitting strangers with pillows, or just watch it all. I was a bit disappointed that no one was actually hiding their pillows before the event, but it was still awesome. Here are some crappy pictures I managed to take in between thwaping people. The cool thing was how it started - San Francisco was not the first city, but this was the first time in SF. Wikipedia had info on it, but i think it was Rene's Craiglist post that got the ball rolling here in SF, also appearing on Laughing Squid. net Laughing Squid Web Hosting is an independent web hosting company, based out of San Francisco, that provides friendly, dependable and secure web hosting services to artists, individuals, bloggers, non-profits and small organizations.