Berkeley CSUA MOTD:Entry 41715
Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2018/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/2/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:41715 Activity:high
2/6     Not new, but scary anyway: vs.
        Cue ChiCom Troll.  -John
        \_ too bad google doesn't have any thing interesting when I searched
           "Bonus Army."
        \_ do not troll the chicom troll.  the chicom troll is not against
           valid and constructive criticism of the Great and Mighty Middle
           Kingdom.  - chicom troll
           \_ I knew chicom troll, and you sir are no chicom troll.  -John
              \_ shutup!  I am the chicom troll!  who is the one who
                 first used the term on the motd?!
                 \_ Right here, yo.  -John
                    \_ Whoa, really?  So you're part of the motd cultural
                       legacy? As my french foriegn exchange student exroommate
                       Nathalie used to say: "Wouww!"  May I touch you?  -mice
                    \_ Exactly.  And you used it on what I wrote.  So
                       I am the official Chicom Troll.
                       I am the official Chicom Troll.  Now STFU!
                    \_ Exactly.  And you used it on what I wrote, when you
                       lost the argument and got red faced.
                       \_ No, I used it on what you wrote when you were a
                          fucking moron.  Fortune cookie says: "close, but
                       \_ No, I used it on what you wrote when you were an
                          utter moron.  Fortune cookie says: "close, but
                          no Yichang cigar".  And yes, your ex-roommate may
                          touch me.  -John
                          \_ Cigars?  You have expensive tastes.  I prefer
                             cheap Panda brand cigarettes.  As for my ex-
                             roommate, I doubt he would be interested,
                             unless he is drunk, and you dress up as a
                             fat swiss milk wench and start yodeling.
                             \_ I'm dressed up as a fat swiss milk wench
                                right now, yodeling this post at my PC.  And
                                I meant mice's former roommate, so yours is
                                SOL, sorry.  -John
                                \_ Oh John, you tease!  You're so cruel!  -mice
        \_ Near the bottom of the .cn page it reads something like "In
           accordance with local laws, rules and policies, some search results
           are not displayed."
2018/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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uC,Ee Google I 1/4AENOTENE-:E *O^3 Io/O^3 I 1/4AENOT *ENP: ,ueP:a >> ENE-: ,ss 1/4P:I 1/4AENOTENE-: E^1OAAE<<-oA E^1OAAE SafeSearch ^1|AeUe!-L-( AE 1/2a,ueP:a) I 1/4AENOT IOE 3/4-L--o O 1/4OD-414Ii.u-oItiananmenuAe^2eN- 1/2a^1u-L-NOTOOIAEC,uU1-20Ii!-L- -L-"ENE-:OAE+- 009 Ae-L- AeuEC,^2>>EC,O-aOO-L--o IiDEG^2AAA IiDEG^2AAAuO/C,o/^1UeAiI-O+->>a 636 x 476 InEO/ - 37k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 800 x 538 InEO/ - 24k - jpg Tiananmen.jpg 938 x 667 InEO/ - 125k - jpg ... Mrs Gutierrez at Tiananmen Square 1728 x 1152 InEO/ - 317k - jpg ... Raising Ceremony in Tiananmen Square 320 x 334 InEO/ - 21k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 255 x 191 InEO/ - 9k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 200 x 240 InEO/ - 26k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 500 x 350 InEO/ - 14k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 200 x 143 InEO/ - 18k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 200 x 152 InEO/ - 37k - jpg chinatravel-tiananmen 200 x 144 InEO/ - 10k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 400 x 300 InEO/ - 20k - jpg 2003-6-25-10-32-27-tiananmen.jpg ... 180 x 143 InEO/ - 11k - jpg Tiananmen Tiananmen Tiananmen ... 400 x 261 InEO/ - 14k - jpg Tiananmen Tiananmen Tiananmen ... 384 x 256 InEO/ - 88k - jpg pl.chinabroadcast.cnO 3/4AeUuAeAEaeEueIa^1O/D-AAI-c- tiananmen.jpg 250 x 177 InEO/ - 33k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 246 x 220 InEO/ - 9k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 200 x 150 InEO/ - 15k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 400 x 268 InEO/ - 49k - jpg tiananmen.jpg 268 x 140 InEO/ - 25k - jpg 3/4Yu+-uO/."AE."^1ae-oIOth^2ss-L-NOT^2?.OeENE-: 1/2a^1uI'OeIOE 3/4!-L- AeuEC,^2>>EC,O-aOO-L--o IiDEG^2AAA 1/2a^1uO^3Ae: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 IAO>>O^3 ENE-: OU'EENE-: 1/2a^1uAeUOUENE-: | I 1/4AENOTENE-:DEGiOeu 2006 Google