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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/1/17-18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:41395 Activity:nil
1/17    When I send out mail on soda using pine (yeah, yeah, I'll switch to
        mutt one of these days), my outgoing messages have:
           X-Authentication-Warning: <user> owned
              process doing -bs
        in them.  Can anyone explain what this means and how to fix this
        (other than switching to mutt)?  Thanks.
        \_ Never mind.  I found the answer:
        \_ I still use RMAIL.
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10/15   What's the soda email client these days?
        \_ Don't know.  /usr/bin/mail hasn't been working for a while.
        \_ forward to Gmail.
        \_ mutt works for me
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           \_ No I think he means the ssh applet, which, iirc, was an applet
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2/5     hmm.
$netstat -at | grep LISTEN
tcp        0      0 *:43300                 *:*                     LISTEN
        \_ this is an sshd
tcp        0      0 *:49416                 *:*                     LISTEN
tcp        0      0 *:36201                 *:*                     LISTEN
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             expert systems
2010/7/29-8/9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:53905 Activity:nil
7/29    How do I get pine to work with mail? I have 1900 mails and I want
        to delete them. Or is there a better one to use? never learned
        \_ mutt
           \_ so why doesn't alpine work? What setting should I use to have
              it work with my csua mail folder? Thanks!
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pine have the following tag appear in their email header: X-Authentication-Warning: username owned process doing -bs If you're dealing with anti-spam countermeasures, this warning message may set off a false positive. If your a system administrator, you want to know what's causing the message and how to stop it. sendmail the -bs option means to use the SMTP protocol to send the message. Any user using raw SMTP can forge the From: header in an email. This is sendmail letting the recipient know something is up. So, we have to ask ourself, why would a non-malicious user using a standard email package, like pine, have need to alter the From: header. And more importantly, why does this happen for some users and not for others? pinerc file which holds it's configuration: # Sets domain part of From: and local addresses in outgoing mail. user-domain= Usually the user is simply trying to strip off the hostname from the domain. That way if your mail server changes, or the client machine the user is using changes, recipients won't be storing a fully qualified host name in their address book. So the act isn't malicious afterall, the poor guy just wants to get his mail despite infrastructure changes. The problem is, if user-domain has any value set, any value at all, then pine invokes sendmail with the -bs option, and sendmail issues the "X-Authentication-Warning: ... This is most easily done by: * Get into pine * Go into the Ssetup menu * Select Config * Scroll down to the user-domain entry * And Delete the entry so it has no value * Exit the config At this point the system is going to rely on sendmail's defaults, so pine has no need to use SMTP and invoke sendmail with the -bs option. The next step is making sure that your system is doing the correct behavior of masquerading it's fully qualified host name with the domain name. cf file, it may be under /etc/mail and locate the DM entry. com')dnl Remember, once you've change sendmail's configuration, you'll have to bounce the process.
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