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2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/12/18-20 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:41063 Activity:high
        I'm looking for full versions of the traditional Taiwanese
        songs like the ones above. Where can I find them?
        \_ There are lots of free Minan songs from mainland China here,
           so you'll see simplified characters:
  (children's songs)
           By the way why do people say Taiwanese when it didn't
           originate from Taiwan?
           \_ related question, how come some of the old Taiwanese songs
              sound just like Japanese songs?
              \_ because pro-independent minded Taiwanese for some reason
                 admires Japan and missed the day of brutal Japanese
              \_ because taiwan had been a japanese colony, and many older
                 taiwanese were japanese educated.
                 \_ there is more than that.  A lot of my friends' parents
                    grand parents were Japanese educated too in Manchuria
                    but they *HATE* Japanese to a point that they don't mind
                    to start another war to settle the old score.
                    \_ Manchuria was different.  Japanese was much more
                       brutal there especially given that guerilla
                       resistance was rampant in Manchuria.  Also, Japanese
                    \_ Manchuria was different.  Japanse ruled Taiwan for
                       a much longer time under more peaceful conditions.
                    \_ Manchuria was different.  Japan ruled Taiwan for
                       a much longer time under peaceful conditions.
                       Japanese was much more brutal in Manchuria,
                       especially given that guerilla resistance was rampant
                       there.  Also, Japanese
                       especially given that guerilla resistance was
                       rampant there.  Also, Japanese
                       rule of Manchuria was never secure, even after 1931.
                       You may ask, why is there less resistance in Taiwan.
                       Well, cause Qing China gave the island away, while
                       KMT and CCP never officially gave up on Manchuria,
                       even though the initial conventional resistance
                       even though the initial conventional resistance (1931)
                       even though the initial conventional resistance in 1931
                       was rather pathetic.  Also, there were plenty of
                       people in Manchuria who collaborated with the
                       Japanese.  My mom's side is from Manchuria, so I would
                       love to believe that Dong Bei Ren (people from
                       love to believe that Dong Bei Ren (i.e. people from
                       Manchuria) were all red-blooded patriots, but that's
                       not really true, unfortunately.
                       not really true if you study history.
                       \_ First of all, Japanese killed more than 600,000
                          Taiwanese during the 50 years of occupation (out of
                          total population of less than 3 million)
                          I wouldn't consider that a "peaceful occupation."
                          Secondly, Qing didn't "give it away."  Qing only gave
                          up after *ALL* its navy vessels and half of its army
                          got annihilated.   These are two facts that
                          Taiwanese love to ignore in order to justify its
                          independent agenda.
           \_ because they need an excuse to justify their reason for
              taking lands away from the aborigines and impose discrimentory
              immigration and birth policies toward others.
              \_ so you're ready to give up your house, apartment, etc to the
                 tribe that once lived on it?
                 \_ If you don't care about compensate aborigines for land
                    grabbing and genocide, then, stop crying faul for
                    228 incident.
                    \_ Taiwan government already paid compensation for
                       families of 228 victims a few years back.  When will
                       commie PRC pay families of Tiananmen victims?
                                             - Chicom Troll
                       \_ Has American pay compensation to the Bonus Army in
                          1932?  Did French ever compensate to the Algerian
                          Revolution?  give me a fucking break
                          \_ Who's talking about Americans?  Are you so
                             devoid of self respect that you constantly
                             need to lower yourself to the level of
                             Americans?  We citizens of the Heavenly
                             Americans?  We citizens of the Middle
                             Kingdom should be more righteous, more just,
                             and more compassionate than the lowly
                             Americans.  Have some self-pride please.
                             Don't compare yourself to animals, or you
                             will forever be beneath them.
                             Don't compare yourself to swines, or you
                             will forever be just as dirty as them.
                             Don't use swines as yardsticks, or you
                             will forever be as dirty as them.
                             Kingdom should be more righteous,
                             more compassionate, more courageous and
                             more willing to fight against injustices
                             than the lowly Americans.  Have some
                             self-pride please.  Don't use swines as
                             yardsticks, or you will forever be as
                             dirty as them.
                                              - chicom troll
                       \_ I think the poster who asked "why do people say
                          Taiwanese ..." was referring to the dialect, not the
                          \_ the dialect is called "Ming Nan."  If you want to
                             be specific, the dialect is actually coming from
                             the city of XiaMen.  Remember there is a
                             significant percentage of Hekka population who
                             is been in Taiwan as long as rest of the Ming Nan
                             fractions. To say Ming Nan is "taiwanese" implies
                             those Hekka and abroginies are not.
        \_ Try, they have a bunch of CD's from asia.  I can't
           read Chinese, but searching on "taiwan" finds a bunch of CDs
           and/or artists.  You can also search in Chinese. -oj
2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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