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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/11/20-22 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:40665 Activity:high
11/20   Is there an easy way to map the left "alt" key to "meta" key in
        Mac OS X Tiger,  X11 (in full-screen mode).
        \_ Try: defaults write swap_alt_meta -bool true
           \_ Sweet . That did it!   Here's another question:
              Is there a similarily elegant way to have Command N
              launch a new rxvt window instead of an xterm?
              \_ 1. Applications Menu->Customize Menu
                 2. Change xterm to /usr/local/bin/rxvt (or whatever).
                 \_ Thanks again! Is there a similar way to make the
                    delete key do "backspace" in X11?
           \_ Unless I'm doing something wrong, that command doesn't do
              the trick.  Any way to debug that?
              How to get Command N to launch a new rxvt instead of xterm?
                 \_ Thanks again! How about this: is there a way
                    to set the "z" key (or some othe easily reachable
                    left-hand key) to be a "back" function in either
                    Safari or Firefox?
                    \_ Or better yet, could you just do it all for me?
                        \_ I put in my time searching the web and trying
                           all sorts of different things. Then asking the
                           friendly folks on motd, the best solutions are
                           offered in a few minutes. -op
                    \_ Try: stty erase '^H' OR stty erase '^?'
                       If this is an emacs question, put this in your
                       (keyboard-translate ?\C-h ?\C-?)
                        \_ Thanks again. I appreciate your assistance! -op
                           \_ Are you the Little Chinese?