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2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/11/7-8 [Science, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:40469 Activity:nil
11/5    LED Lightbulbs:
        \_ Beautiful! Can't wait for these to hit the market!
           \_ Apparently, they are (not the fancy ones)
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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LEDs are easy to produce, generate very little heat, and are super energy efficient, using only one-eighth of the power of traditiona l bulbs and less than half that of fluorescent lights. Philips has come up with a variety of ways to adjust the color, brightness and tone of a bulb with simple, in tuitive hand gestures, such as touching or twisting. The "Simplicty" LED bulbs are so nicely designed (with a wide variety of interesting shapes to choose from) that it eliminates the need for any sort of lamp coveri ng. Sense & Simplic ty design project, which the company haas been working on for the past y ear to demonstrate the power of simplicity-led design in driving innovat ion. In Paris in September, Philips launched 25 new design concepts at The Sim plicity Event at L' Espace Grande Arche. email) - 07 11 05 - 02:11 sassy_red_head & juicymixx> 3-5 years was mentioned in the Business Week Online article! I wouldnt expect anything even close for at least one y ear. As for the fittings, it looks as though they are currently designed aroun d existing types of light fittings (bayonet or screw). It seems a bit po intless creating LED lights that fit standard fittings (or indeed are to be used in a similar way) as the real beauty of LEDs is that they can b e made thinner, into more elaborate shapes and not be limited by their f ittings (there is no need for them to be easily replacable given a 10+ye ar lifetime). Having followed the LED technology for a number of years Im surprised it s still taking this long for realised LED designs, about 3 years ago I w as reading about commercially available high-power LEDs (5w) so why the re has been nothing is a tad frustrating. email) - 07 11 05 - 08:38 leave a comment Please note: Inhabitat is a weblog about contemporary design. We write ab out products we like, but we do not sell products nor provide consultati on about the products we feature. If you want further information about a product you see on this site, please contact the manufacturer directly , using the links provided in the post. Also, please be respectful and keep your comments relevant to this post. Textile Post Comment Preview Comment Small print: All html tags except <b> and <i> will be removed from your c omment. You can make links by just typing the url or mail-address.
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Philips Lighting unveils its latest innovation, Aurelle, combining LED te chnology with the beauty and simplicity of candlelight.