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2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/10/15-16 [Science] UID:40116 Activity:low
10/15   Can anyone recommend an author for a reader who likes Michael
        Crichton and Dan Brown (i.e. page turners that are based in
        science/technology). I don't care what you think of either of
        these two authors in terms of quality; rather I'm just looking
        for a similar author. thanks.
        \_ How about Neil Stephenson?
        \_ Well, for me, "page turner based on science/technology" is
           synonymous with Neal Stephenson, but not everyone finds his
           stuff to be page turners.  You have been warned.
        \_ Iain M. Banks (his scifi stuff.)  I haven't read anything by Dan
           Brown, but I got annoyed by Michael Crichton stuff for being
           repetitive a while ago.  Also you might enjoy the Hyperion series
           by Dan Simmons.  -John
        \_ Nothing by Dan Brown is based on anything.
        \- at all costs, do not read "Rule of Four" ... people who bought that
           book should be able to file a class action shuit for their time
           and money. it's so horrible you have to wonder if the authors
           are well connected or there is some other unnatural explanation
           of why that book was published and so heavily promoted after
           da vinci code. note: it's not a "techno thriller". --psb