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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/10/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:40079 Activity:high
10/14   Dear Politburo:
        I'd like to request that in the future, ALL the names of donors be
        made public as to minimize the potential conflict of interest in the
        future. Currently things go on in csua and we don't know anything
        about it until decisions are already made. There needs to be
        accountability via public auditing. Please make the donation and
        financing information public. Until that happens, there is no more
        donations from me.  I ask all donors to do the same. Thanks.
                                -alum who donated $200, you know who I am
        \_ How donations worked at my last job was that a donor could
           specifically ask to be anonymous.  Otherwise names could be used
           in print.  It seems in bad taste to print amounts, unless a
           donation is particularly large and merits special appreciation.
           That can be done in other ways, however, such as including some-
           thing like, "Donations from these members were particularly
           generous, and deserve extra appreciation."
        \_ This is in the process, the only reason I don't have logs readily
           availible is that I have been backlogged on work.  In the future
           there will be a mechanism to more easily see the status of csua
           finances.  In regard to disclosing the names of donors, I'm not
           sure that will be the policy, but I think we can disclose the
           amounts of each donation (along with all the other money
           allocations). -mrauser
           \- dear op: you should post "i donated" to the motd and then
              get somebody to complain and then have that motd entry
              deanonymized. mrauser: so what is the rationale to have
              donation be anon by default but have the motd entries be
              \_ MOTD: Public forum
                 Donation: Private funds
                 As mrauser said below, the reason we don't post donator
                 information is that we do not want any of this to turn into
                 a "my opinion is more important because I donated more" war.
                        \_ Why not?  Seems like an excellent fundraiser--
                           provided you don't make any actual guarantees of
                           letting someone's opinion matter more.  After all,
                           isn't this how the US congress and senate work?
                           If it's good enough for them why not for the CSUA?
                 When we finally bring Soda Mark VII live and I send out the
                 grand email announcing such, I will post the names of those
                 who donated, but I will not post amounts. - jvarga
              \_ This being the most I have posted to the motd in a day...
                 ever, I'm going to be brief.  When there are monitary things
                 involved, I would rather err on the side of anonimity.  I
                 wouldn't want a "who's donation is bigger" war, and there is
                 no need at all for the public to know WHO donated.  Its not
                 meant to be a blame game or a "I've donated so my opinion
                 matters" situation.  Thats my rationale for donations being
                 not freely publicly disclosed (exactly why do you need to
                 know who donated?).  As for reasons why the motd would be
                 non anonymous, read the minutes, but we wish to discern
                 who posts overt threats on our motd. -mrauser
                 \- are you suggesting it would be censure-worthy for
                    a donor to say "i donated $x" publicly [say in the motd
                    or wall]? how about chowing all the binaries in /csua/bin
                    lest somebody try to throw his weight around because they
                    installed COOL SOFTWARE on sloda? maybe we should make it
                    illegal to keep WALL WARRIOR stats in case new users
                    should fall under the pernicious influence of top
                    WALL WARRIORS. maybe they will SELL THEIR VOTES in return
                    for ANCIENT WALL WARRIOR SECRETS.
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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