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2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/10/3-5 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:39958 Activity:nil
10/3    Wow, Serenity only pulled $10.1 million at the box office.
        \_ Which is about what the studio expected.  By comparison, "Corpse
           Bride" got $2100/theater on opening Friday, Serenity got
           \_ 1800? The numbers I saw showed Serenity getting 4600/theater.
              The movie was very good though, hope word of mouth makes it
              sucessful. It was #1 in australia.
        \_ It wasn't heavily marketed. And the target audience was quite
        \_ How much did it cost (including marketing)?
           \_ says $39 M for production, no listed marketing
           \_ It will easily make its money back, Firefly was very popular
              in UK for example. And DVD sales will be strong. The question
              is will overseas sales and DVD sales be enough for 2 more sequels.
              is will overseas sales and DVD sales be enough for 2 more
              \_ I felt that the movie did a lot of things to make it difficult
                 for a decent sequel.  I'm not gonna go into details for those
                 that haven't seen the movie yet.  Of course, Joss Whedon's
                 experience shows that it's not gonna hold him back.  But I
                 think certain mysteries and character/team dynamics of the
                 TV series is now gone.  It almost feels like Joss and the
                 cast knew or decided that the movie will be the end of the
                 series and tried to go out with a bang with it in mind.
                 \_ I had the exact opposite impression.
                 \_ Joss Whedon said it best. TV shows ask questions,
                    and movies answer them. The two big questions from the
                    series were kind of settled but it is a fantasy universe,
                    Joss can make up whatever he wants.
        \_ How much did it cost?
                 TV series is now gone.
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2013/1/26-2/19 [Recreation/Media, Politics] UID:54590 Activity:nil
1/26    Wozniak says the the Steve Jobs movie clip is historically inaccurate,
        that Jobs was not so much a visionaire that Jobs claimed to be, as Jobs
        was just looking to make a few quick bucks. Why should we trust
        Woz's words over Jobs'?
        \_ Seriously? Read both the Steve Jobs biography and Woz's autobiography.
           Nobody contests that Jobs was a scumbag. Also: the lounge in Soda Hall.
2012/12/6-18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:54549 Activity:nil
12/6    Lesson learned: don't talk about Monty Python on a date. Women just
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2012/10/17-12/4 [Recreation/Media] UID:54504 Activity:nil
10/17   Cloud Atlas Shrugged.
        \_ How is this movie? Did you see it?
           \_ Cloud Atlas is a movie. Atlas Shrugged is a movie.
              Cloud Atlas Shrugged is a made-up name.
              \_ How was Cloud Atlas?
2012/7/3-8/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:54430 Activity:nil
7/3     Just found a great new movie on cable last night:
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        In it, a middle aged guy gets seduced by his friends
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jpg After beating expectations (and last year's grosses ) for four consecutive weekends, overall box office returns were general ly disappointing this weekend, as old films slipped and new ones failed to make much of an impact. Though it kept a firm grip on the number one slot, Flightplan slipped 30 percent from last weekend, to gross just $15 million in this frame. It was still enough to hold off all comers new a nd old. Second place went to Joss Whedon's Serenity, which earned a $10. But in o ur local theaters, it is only showing 4 times a day. Kind of reminds me of the X-Files movie t hat was only shown in 1 theater (and a crappy one to boot) in town. We l ive in Dayton, OH so we're not exactly a tiny market. IT worked for Jessica Simpson and I can only imagine that ITB was better than DoH... Come on - it was a canc elled TV show - that it beat Jessica Alba's blue bikini is already amazi ng as I thought for sure it would be the other way around. I guess all that complaining by flight crews about FLIGHTPLAN actually he lped it... In how many theaters did "Voices of I raq" receive showing? Only five theaters in America, for only thre e weeks without any marketing at all. Yet, anything by Michael Moore or Oliver Stone receives all the marketing and movie theaters Hollywood has has to offer. A piece of eye-candy crap like Flight Plan takes up all t he space yet Hollywood pretends it is a place of free and creative expre ssion. Maybe for useful idiots because this is all that is Left is Holly wood. Email addresses are never dis played, but they are required to confirm your comments. To create a live link, simply type the URL (including http://) or email address and we w ill make it a live link for you. Line breaks and paragraphs are automatically converted no need to use <p> or <br> tags. Your name (required): Your email address (required, will not be shown to the public): Your sites URL (optional): Do you want us to remember your personal information for next time?
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