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2020/08/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/9/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:39664 Activity:high
9/14    Yet another motd/wall poll. Put 'a' if you're alum, 's' student:
        We new blood: aa
        Keep current elite members:
        l33t h2x0rz: 1111111111111
        \_ We don't want need blood. We love the old alumni and their
           vile and harsh words. It is what makes motd the way it is.
        Keep current elite members:
        l33t h2x0rz: 1111111111111
        \_ Why would they want to?  Aren't the democraticunderground and the
           freepers still taking new members?  All rational discourse is long
           since dead here.  Even on tech questions we have people telling
           others they won't answer a question because they hate the person.
           Feel the love!  I read but find little reason to post anymore.
           \_ I've had very little trouble getting information on a number of
              technical and non-technical issues.  Motd has more than its share
              of invective, but I do see a fair amount of 'rational discourse'.
              "I'm finished, cry for my absence" announcements really do
              very little to remedy the problem.  It looks like they attract
              invective and hostility rather than calming things down. Perhaps
              you should consider modifying your behavior on this group,
              finding a little more tolerance and patience, or really make
              good on your nth promise to leave and actually do so.  -mice
              \_ It was no such thing as the "taking my ball and go home" as
                 you make it out to be.  I've posted more today than in the
                 last year, nor did I sign which should show the lack of "ball
                 taking home"ness.  In the context of "wouldn't it be nice to
                 have fresh blood around here?" my response is "given the
                 stuff that gets posted here, why would someone new want to
                 join in?".  You're reading too much into it that isn't there.
                 \_ Okay, fair enough.  I guess I just react harshly to
                    that general sort of declaration ("I don't post any
                    more", "ball go home" etc) since I see that frequently,
                    but almost never see anyone actually do it (this whole
                    thread would seem to attest to the fact that you do
                    find reason to post here, in contradiction to the
                    assertion).  Sorry for jumping the gun on you, man.
           \_ You find little reason to post anymore? Like the last 5 lines
              that preceded this post?
              \_ I'm not sure which 5 lines you're talking about.  The motd
                 changes too fast.
           \_ Look up "hissyfit".  -John
              \_ Whatever.  If you think the level of discourse isn't well
                 beyond personal then be happy.  In fact, that someone would
                 dare comment on the level of personal animosity on the motd
                 and then get a snippy comment like this in response makes
                 my point, thanks.  And yes, go look up hissyfit.  This isn't
                 it.  This is simply my opinion backed by an example or two
                 that were on the motd at the time I posted.
                 \_ Woe is you.  There are 2-3 borderline psychopaths that
                    post to motd (jblack hater guy and some of the other random
                    trolls.)   Just because you were offended by some of the
                    idiocy you see here (grown-up versions of the nerdy little
                    shits with glasses who liked to tease people on the
                    playground because you weren't allowed to slug them)
                    doesn't automatically mean it's all crap.  Of course you're
                    welcome to your opinion.  -John
                    \_ Again, in the context of "adding fresh blood to the
                       motd", why would anyone new want to join in?  Offended?
                       Nope.  Somewhat disappointed that what used to be a
                       good place for lots of tech info on a daily basis and
                       heated but mostly rational political debate is much
                       different now.  But my feelings are merely a distraction
                       to the point: why would anyone new want to join a
                       community with "2-3 borderline psychopaths" who seem to
                       have way too much time on their hands?  Look at the
                       motd the way a new person might and ask yourself if
                       you'd want to join in conversation and community of
                       strangers like that.  I'm *not* saying we need a policy
                       or enforcement of some rule or whatever.  I'm only
                       saying exactly what I've said about new people and
                       nothing more.
                       \_ Maybe it's just me, but I think there's the occasional
                          interesting tech-type thread, the rare intelligent
                          political thread, and the pretty frequent pseudo-
                          anonymous chest thumping random thread that's
                          actually pretty funny.  Too bad you see these as
                          turn-offs, you should join me in a contest to see
                          who can collect the most interesting troll
                          following.  -John
                          political thread, and the pretty frequent pseudo-anonymous
\                         chest thumping random thread that's actually pretty
                          funny.  Too bad you see these as turn-offs, you should join
                          me in a contest to see who can collect the most interesting
                          troll following.  -John
                          \_ I'll certainly admit that you've got some
                             interesting ones, John.  I think ilyas has some
                             pretty good ones, too.                  -mice
                             \_ Right now I only have heil cherman john guy and
                                some random occcasional others.  I tried to
                                cultivate chicom troll, but he proved too
                                wild to tame.  Our loss.  -John
                          \_ Either you're so brilliant that you find
                             intelligent things hidden in the motd, or I'm
                             so dumb that I find motd to be stupid. Or maybe
                             Beir trinke Krauts like you find anything
                             stupid to be funny. I do like the link you
                             post though, they're always of quality, like
                             the German cars. Oh, and learn to fucking
                             conform to 80 columns you Scheiße
                             \_ What is Beir?  Is that Israeli?  -John
        \_ "why would anyone new want to join [motd], a community with 2-3
           borderline psychopaths"
           My answer is simple. Because these psychopaths are bored and
           lonely and need to meet new psychopaths who are just like them
           \_ Because anonymous psychopaths are damned funny.
2020/08/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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