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2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/9/12-13 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:39631 Activity:low
        After slow sales and losing money and getting its ass kicked by Prius
        for 3 years, Honda finally unveiled its newest Honda Civic Hybrid,
        which is a lot more efficient than the old Honda Civic Hybrid. It's
        a whopping 50mpg/50mpg on both freeway/surface, a big improvement
        from 3 years ago. By the way, an old Prius is still 61mpg/51mpg on
        freeway/surface. Great job, Honda. They smoking weed there?
        \_ I'd own a civic b4 i'd own that wind-up car Prius anyday.
        \_ What's the actual gas mileage, since the EPA numbers are total
           fantasy ... (see latest consumer reports for more info)
           \- You should mail a machanical engineering professor a UofM
              and ask what car to buy.
        \_ Damn!  I didn't know about this car show.  Too late.
        \_ What's the MSRP?
        \_ Give me a hybrid Odyssey please!  -- minivan owner
2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        \_ I haven't done that but I've done sound proof of my Prius and
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           material. Look at the following crappy example:
2009/2/17-21 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:52595 Activity:moderate
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        \_ My Lexus has the same problem. Also, it won't work while
           driving. 'sup with dat? $50K for a crippled car. Toyota sucks
           so hard I will never buy another. This was my first and likely last.
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AP Ford, Honda Unveil Latest Hybrid Autos By TERENCE CHEA, Associated Press Writer Fri Sep 9, 9:05 PM ET SAN FRANCISCO - Three major automakers unveiled their latest hybrid cars and technology at an environmental conference Friday, promoting their mo st fuel efficient vehicles as gas prices soar in the aftermath of Hurric ane Katrina. Sierra Club , the country's largest environmental organization. Environmentalists have criticized the auto industry for failing to produc e more fuel efficient cars, but the Sierra Club wants to help automakers promote hybrid technology by organizing what it called "the world's lar gest showcase of hybrid cars." "The biggest single step to curbing global warming, cutting America's oil dependence and saving consumers' money at the gas pump is making our ve hicles go further on a gallon of gas," said Dan Becker, director of the Sierra Club's global warming program. "Automakers who live by the gas gu zzler may die by the gas guzzler." At the Sierra Summit, Ford offered consumers their first peek at their la test hybrid sports utility vehicle the 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Th e compact, four-wheel-drive SUV can get 33 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on highways. "As issues of climate change, energy security and fuel prices start to cr op up more on consumer radar screens, we need to be able to meet that sh ifting demand," Golightly said. "What you're seeing is just the beginnin gs of a growth in demand, but it's a very clear trend." Honda unveiled its latest hybrid offering the 2006 Civic Hybrid, which can get 50 miles per gallon on highways and city streets. "This new Civic Hybrid is the perfect example of how to balance the needs of our customers with the needs of environmental protection," said Gunn ar Lindstrom, senior manager of Honda alternative fuel vehicles sales an d marketing. "It's all part of Honda's commitment to blue skies for our children." Toyota did not introduce any new model hybrids Friday, but announced earl ier this year it would soon start selling a hybrid version of its Camry sedan and a seven-passenger SUV called the Highlander Hybrid. The compan y, which makes the popular hybrid Prius sedan, expects hybrid sales to m ake up about one-quarter of its total sales by early next decade, Conference attendees are invited to test-drive a range of hybrid cars thi s weekend at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center. Ford Escape Hybrid Expert straight-forward advice for serious buyers. Save money and compare prices, options, photos and more. Free, fast and easy car quotes for every make and model at Autosite official site. Ford Escape Hybrid - Save $2,000 Get competitive price quotes from local dealers for a new Ford Escape Hybrid. Save an average of $2,000 when Ford dealers compete for your business. The new Lincoln Mercury Mariner hybrid is displayed by Neil Golightly , director of Sustainable Business Strategies for Ford Motor Co. Ford, Hon da and Toyota auto makers unveiled their latest hybrid cars and technolo gy at the Sierra Club's first national convention. The three automakers are pushing hybrid vehicles, powered by both gasoline and electricity, a t a time when gas prices are soaring in the aftermath of Hurricane Katri na. The informati on contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewr itten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associ ated Press.