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2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/9/6-7 [Health, Science/Space] UID:39531 Activity:nil
        "Microbiologist Paul Pearce found total sewage bacteria in a water
        sample from in New Orleans' Ninth Ward to be 45,000 times what would be
        considered safe for swimming in a pond or a lake. ... Pearce also found
        2.2 million parts per unit of human waste bacteria in the floodwater,
        which is off the charts."
        \_ nice to see the celtics forward has an off-season hobby
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Health Advertisement originalreport originalreport What's in the New Orleans Water? In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, firefighters say they will let the f ire burn itself out. Microbiologist Paul Pearce found total sewage bacteria in a water sample from in New Orleans' Ninth Ward to be 45,000 times what would be conside red safe for swimming in a pond or a lake. The Ninth Ward was one of the city's hardest-hit neighborhoods. Study: Angioplasty Protocol Questioned "In terms of total microorganisms in floodwater, this is about as bad as it can get," Pearce told ABC News. Pearce also found 22 million parts p er unit of human waste bacteria in the floodwater, which is off the char ts. On "Good Morning America," Pearce demonstrated at Nova Biologicals lab in Conroe, Texas, how polluted water glows under a black light. He first s ampled normal pond water the light barely glowing, indicating slight c ontamination. He then examined the floodwater, which fully lit up, a cle ar sign that the water was loaded with bacteria, according to Pearce. Dirty Water Does a Body Bad The precise extent of the contamination is not yet known. Louisiana's chi ef environmental officer today said there is no evidence yet that the Ne w Orleans waterways are a toxic wasteland. He acknowledged the presence of fecal matter, fuel, oil and other contaminants, but said testing had not detected traces of truly toxic substances like pesticides and metals . Nonetheless, officials are advising people in the region to avoid all con tact with the trash-laden, brown water flowing through the city. "The health problems associated with sewage contamination and specificall y with these types of organisms can be gastrointestinal problems, dysent ery, diarrhea," Pearce said. He also found low levels of what appears to be the bacteria associated with cholera and salmonella. Pearce stressed that simply coming into contact with the floodwater could be enough to make a person sick. However, some said they had little choice but to be exposed to the fetid waters. One woman, who was walking through the water, said anything was better than her time spent living in the Superdome, which had by the end of last week turned into a chaotic location strewn with garbage and hum an waste that evacuees were desperate to leave. "If I had a choice to be in the water or in the dome it would be the wate r," said Connie Craig. And although food, fresh water and support have started trickling in New Orleans, Pearce fears that the huge amount of sewage contamination may c ause problems long after the floodwaters recede. "Just because the water's gone does not mean the contaminating bacteria a re gone," Pearce said. Nancy Snyderman contributed this report for Good Morning America.