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2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/9/5-7 [Consumer, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:39497 Activity:low
9/6     40-Year Old Virgin-- totally funny, and very different. Go see it!
        \_ It could have been modeled after some unnamed sodalites.
        \_ It is hilarious. I also recommend it. Question. What does singing
           "The Age of Aquarius" have anything to do with getting laid?
           My history of the hippy era is pretty bad. Please explain, thx.
           \_ It was a poke in the eye to the boomers. That song is their
              anthem. That is how I read it, anyway.
              \_ Interesting. What year was the zenith of the hippy era?
                 \_ Depends who you ask.  The zenith of its visibility and
                    influence on the wider culture was probably Woodstock
                    in 1969.  If you ask those who considered themselves the
                    "true hippies," it was probably the early '60s era in
                    San Francisco - Diggers, Merry Pranksters, the
                    time the "Summer of Love" happened, most of the "true
                    hippies" felt the whole thing had gone to shit and just
                    become an excuse to get high and fuck.
                      -- had hippy parents
                    \_ lye, did your parents smoke pot? Are they still
                       liberal or have they become a lot more conservative?
                       \_ Clearly you don't know me at all if you're asking
                          what happened to my parents.  I'd rather not go into
                          it on the motd.  You can email me if you're really
                          interested.  --lye
                    \_ Isn't that it was always about? In any case, its
                       Zenith as a cultural movement was probably '68
                       "Summer of Love" or soon thereafter.
                    \_ I've seen what people looked like (especially hippies)
                       in the 60s ... I'd probably have to be high to fuck
                       anyone back then.
                       \_ I dunno. Gogo boots and minidresses are pretty rad.
                          It's the 70s that make me wanna hurl. Of course,
                          the above isn't 'hippy' attire.