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2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/7/22-25 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/Jobs] UID:38779 Activity:moderate
7/22    I've found Google to be a good company.  If you want a full-time job or
        internship and I happen to know you on a first-name basis, contact me via
        phone or email and I'll see what I can do to get you in.
        darin @ csua, 314-283-1234.
        \_ Can you get them to stop calling me?
        \_ Don't bother applying if you're conservative.
           \_ Let me guess.  You blew the interview due to poor social skills,
              and now you want to blame it on the liberal conspiracy to keep
              the white man down?
              \_ No, just following news reports.  Have never interviewed with
                 \_ Which news reports?
                       \_ From that you assume that they "discriminate against
                          conservative hires?"  You are really really stupid,
                          and you have likely never dealt with IT hiring.
                          \_ Is it "jump to conclusions" day?  I said don't
                             bother applying.  I didn't say they were
                             discriminating, I just got the impression that
                             they're raging lefties and you wouldn't want to be
                             around them.  And you'd have to work with aaron.
                             \_ Ooh, anonymous personal attacks.  You are a
                                bright one.
                GOOD. Kudos to Google for rejecting religious -/
                and conservative ads. We're fed up, and it's
                about time us liberals stand up to the bullying
                of religious fuck heads.
                \_ Don't compound "news reports" guy's stupidity with your own.
                \_ I think it's probably fair to say the Google workplace is
                   fairly apolitical, but I do think the founders have a
                   left-wing bias, and this does reflect in some company
                   policies I find objectionable.  Are you afraid to hang
                   out with liberals because you think they might contaminate
                   your precious bodily fluids? -- ilyas
                   \_ I'd hate to be in a work environment where the political
                      opinions of the people there affect policy at work.  I'd
                      be afraid to give a conservative opinion without
                      retribution.  ilyas, you work at Google?  That raises my
                      opinion of the company.
                      \_ No, I do not.  I interviewed at Google before I went
                         to UCLA, but did not get the job.  They recently
                         contacted me again, I guess they ran out of all the
                         good people to hire.  I think Google deserves a lot of
                         credit for enlightened things they do as a company.
                         I hope to see their good example followed.  Having
                         said that, I disagree with many of their corporate
                         decisions. -- ilyas
                         \_ Well, I'm a liberal, and gay, and whatever Google
                            does I support them because they respect and
                            embrace diversity. I wish the Religious
                            dictators would just fuck off. GO GOOGLE. And
                            fuck you ilyas.
                            \_ You on the other hand don't seem to.
                            \_ Want to work at PlanetOut? Email me. -ausman
                               \_ He's a troll.  Nobody is this dumb. -- ilyas
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