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2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/7/14-15 [Consumer/TV] UID:38625 Activity:nil
7/14    For those who don't have TV.  Here's a biased snapshot of TV screens
        re: the rove scandal.
        \_ Is that a fake Newsweek cover?
           Is all that TV coverage real?  I don't watch TV anymore.
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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6/9     I'm interested in Tivo, is it required to buy subscription?
        Also it is possible to record and export the AVI/MPG file?
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Al Rodgers Thu Jul 14th, 2005 at 10:32:13 PDT This is a Dailykos Special Report: Rovegate - America Held Hostage - Day 731 Two years ago Today, in a Scandalous act, Deep Cover Operative Valerie P lame was exposed by Traitor Bob Novak. Since Monday the Networks, Papers, and Cable News Channels(who knows wha t FoxSpews does) have been covering the WH Scandal every half hour on t he hour. Why this morning "The Today Show" devoted three segments to t he engulfing WH Scandal. And in true Scandal fashion, Reporters are even staked out in front of R ove's home, shouting questions and popping flash bulbs as the rat scurr ies to his car It would appear that Bush's "stained blue dress" Scandal has emerged, an d it's National Security Risk, Karl Rove. com There is more below the fold A special update on Inmate Judith Miller, who is rotting on a cement fl oor, next to "trained killers." Countdown will have a CIA Insider, to explain the damage the Scandal ha s done to National Security. A special inside look at the Scandal, by NBC's David Gregory, on "Softb alls." com On the far right, the usually glib Commandant Duncan Hunter. He had th at dejected look on his face through out the interview. com The Nets and News channels are even busting the RNC's manufactured talk ing points. They're angry and they're spitting out the bait and showing their viewers the trash. com IMUS was running this shot on his show when talking about the Rovegate Scandal. The visual rendering had a certain "perp" feel to it - Bush ce ntered alone, with no name beneath. I mean, I was surprised to read maximum-security prison for Judith Miller. This is not sort of a white collar, kind of mi nimum-security facility. It is Alexandria Detention Facility in Northern Virginia. This a place, we understand, a nyone from who commits crimes in Alexandria, from shoplifting to murder, ends up. According to sourc es familiar with conditions at the jail there, we understand that Miller is with a group of about 22 women in total. Her new home now, a 70-square foot cell, which she shares with another woman. In that cell, you'll also find a toilet, a sink, night light and window. Pretty much she's in that cell from 11 pm to 7:00 am, and during any lockdowns throughout the day. Beyond that, she can sort of be in a loung e where she shares meals with her fellow inmates. We understand, there i s no choice, you get what the prison is serving, access to television, a ccess to phone calls, microwave. She doesn't have to work, so she's not required to work. She has access, we understand, also to a library and t o newspapers. Interestingly, also, she must always wear a jumpsuit with prison or inmat e on it. S O'BRIEN: You know, when you talked to her before the decision was made that she would go to jail, she spoke a lot about her husband and really how concerned she was for him. And that she can have, we understand fr om a spokesman with the jail, visits of up to one hour a day, except for Friday. Also, we were surprised to learn this, no physical contact with the visit ors. She can talk on the phone with her husband, with her family and friends. People will recall Martha Stewart, she was in a federal prison camp in We st Virginia. She could actually have physical contact with her visitors. We understand she was playing Scrabble at times with her mother, so a b ig difference here. S O'BRIEN: She has some interesting company, if you can call it company, in this jail, in this prison. WALLACE: People will be surprised to hear this, I think, Zacarias Moussao ui, and people will know him as man the man who pleaded guilty not too l ong ago in connection with the September 11th attacks. The reason is this facility houses some federal prisoners as part of a contract with the US Marshal's Service. Chances of the two of them, though, Soledad, running into each other, not likely, because w omen are kept pretty much separately from the men. I have been talking to one of her lawyers who is seeing her regularly. And he says this, Soled ad, that this is a big adjustment. He sa id she appears a bit paler and thinner than when she went in, but says s he's adjusting. and she's losing weight with her T op Ramen and Kool-Aid diet!