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7/12    CNN Anchor: "Definitely a major smear campaign going on against Karl
        Rove." HAHHAHA
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anchor Kyra Phillips and her colleague Bob Franken, following Franken's update on all things Karl Rove. Jo hn Kerry saying that Rove ought to be fired, with Sen. Philips: "Bob, definitely a major smear campaign going on. A lot of people said that could clear the air if he just c ame forward and gave the facts?" That there is "definitely a major smear campaign" being waged presumably -- based on what came before Phi lips' cryptic rejoinder -- against Karl Rove and by Senators Kerry and C linton and their ilk? We suppose it's possible th at Philips was trying to say that Rove was involved in "a major smear ca mpaign" against, perhaps, Joe Wilson -- though this, too, would be a tro ublesome use of the phrase. Seems Franken read Philips' comment the way we did, causing him to jump i n to supply the missing "he said" and "she said": "Well, the White House would respond that the Democrats are involved in something akin to a sm ear campaign. " And CJR Daily would say that it's time for reporters to stop putting word s in the mouths of officials, Democrat or Republican.