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2018/10/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/7/5-6 [Consumer/GPS] UID:38422 Activity:nil
7/5     Has anyone used Microsoft's Map+GPS or Delorme+GPS? Both cost
        $100 and seem pretty good, but I'd like to hear from you guys
        on their usability. ok thx.
        \_ It's really inconvenient to drive with a laptop.  I believe
           MS doesn't have voice navigation, don't know about Delorme.
           If you have a PDA (esp. a PocketPC) there are plenty of
           software that does what you want.  Check
           IGuidance has both PDA+Laptop version at ~$100.  Of course
           you'll still need a GPS module (another $100 or so).
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This is the technology they purchased with Keyhole last y ear and it is very impressive, type in any city on earth and you will "f ly" there as fast as your PC and internet collection will allow you to.. SiRFstarIII Bluetoot h GPS that appears to be a customized version of the very successful Glo balsat BT-338 with its 17+ hour battery life and auto-off feature. Based on my "count", the S3 is the first SiRFstarIII based "mouse" GPS receiv er to become available ! Excellent price too at $122 (including the 10% discount for GpsPasSion Cl ub members) for the M3 and $90 for the S3. Updated 06/30/05 GALILEO, Europe's "answer" to the GPS system, has been in the news lately with the selection of the consortium that will operate it. Prior to tha t there was a meeting of the IREST in Paris on June 23rd, that helped cl arify the roll-out of GALILEO. We'll have to wait for the arrival of a test sample to see how it performs in the field, but it comes out with interesting features (external antenna connector, removable battery) and most strikingly a tiny size that has a llowed SysOnChip to introduce it as the first keychain GPS!