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2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/5/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37817 Activity:nil
        "Centrists from both parties reached a compromise Monday night to
        avoid a showdown on President Bush's stalled judicial nominees and the
        Senate's own filibuster rules ..."
        \_ Watch freepers scream and rant
           \_ Bill Frist got pwnd.
              \- how do you figure this isnt a 95% republican victory? --psb
                 \_ It's a delay of game penalty. When a Supreme steps down
                    and Demos try the same thing, the filibuster will fall.
                    In fact, I doubt it will be that close.
                    \_ So you're saying the 7 Democratic senators in on the
                       compromise will filibuster the next SCOTUS nominee,
                       and for that nominee, there won't be 6 Republican
                       senators to vote to prevent use of the nuclear option?
                       In any case, I could see use of the nuclear option for
                       SCOTUS nominees by both parties (initiated by the GOP
                       and tit-for-tat by Dems in 2008-2012), but a general
                       reluctance for appeals court and other judges.
                       I also give it a 50% chance that Dubya will nominate
                       a non-wacko SCOTUS candidate as the first one, obviating
                       the need for a filibuster.
                       \- without taking a stand on what that probability p
                          will be [and it may depend whether it is the CJ or
                          and AJ] i think the probability certainly is
                          affected by how bruised he is ... over Bolton,
                          over Social Security etc. This is obvious but the
                          point being you can score points that have an affect
                          down the road even if you lose early on.
2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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These officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the agreement would clear the way for yes-or-no votes on some of Bush's nominees, but make no guarantee. Under the agreement, Democrats would pledge not to filibuster any of Bush 's future appeals court or Supreme Court nominees except in "extraordina ry circumstances." For their part, Republicans agreed not to support an attempt to strip Dem ocrats of their right to block votes. Under the agreement, Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen, nominate d to a seat on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, would ad vance to a final confirmation vote. Senate Republican leader Bill Frist has made her a test vote in a bruisin g showdown over the fate of several appeals courts nominees that Democra ts blocked in the past and had threatened to block again. With the series of climatic vote set for Tuesday, compromise-minded senat ors of both parties met in the office of Sen. Senate Majority Leader Bill First, with other Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, left, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, right, and J im Bunning of Kentucky, second right, speaks to reporters on Capitol Hil l, Monday, May 23, 2005, in Washington. Senators are locked in a fierce fight over what is required to approve President Bush's judicial nominee s, Republicans want them seated with a simple majority vote, Democrats w ant to retain the right to block selected nominations with a debate or f ilibuster that can only be stopped with 60 votes. The informati on contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewr itten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associ ated Press.
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kennedy Centrists from both parties reached a compromise Monday night to avoid a showdown on President Bushs stalled judicial nominees and the Senates own filibuster rules, officials from both parties said. View Replies Under the agreement, Democrats would pledge not to filibuster any of Bush s future appeals court or Supreme Court nominees except in extraordina ry circumstances. View Replies To: kennedy Who would have ever thought that the GOP Senators would have folded to De mocratic Demands? The last time I was this surprised was this morning when the sun came up. View Replies To: kennedy The Capitol switchboard is still open. Leave as many voicemail messages with the RINOs as you can. Then keep calling them tomorrow morning when the staffers get in. View Replies To: kennedy Sounds like the democrats got everything they wanted. If Lindsey Graham had anything to do with this i'm going to e -mail him and go to his office pesonally. View Replies To: kennedy The democrats are "allowing" the minority, women judges they didn't dare stop. And they are retaining the right to filibuster others, including t o the Supreme Court. And unless I'm wrong, the republicans are agree ing not to change the rules at that time. View Replies To: kennedy They are more interested in the members of their exclusive little "countr y club" than in the Constitution. It's time that we open up the membersh ip to other folksm that believe in standing for something beside electio ns. View Replies To: kennedy "Earlier, officials from both parties, speaking on condition of anonymity , said the agreement would clear the way for yes or no votes on some of Bushs nominees but make no guarantee. View Replies To: RWR8189 Let's think about this for a second. There are still questions whether the GOP actually had the votes to carry out a rule change. If they try to block a supreme co urt nomination, the GOP can always change rules right? Whoever is up next, Frist will do the S AME EXACT THING, and either we'll be right back here, or there will be a nother "nuke." This may---I repeat---MAY have been a way for the Dems to 'save face" des pite another horrendous loss. If that's the case---and I again say IF--- then who cares how it "looks." View Replies To: AlGone2001 This is a sad day for the Republican party, and the conservative movement in this country! The Dems will likely gain in Congress in 2006 because of this kind of cowardice. View Replies To: AlGone2001 It sounds as though all ten will get a vote from the entire senate. I'm g lad however, that both of the men I contributed to last cycle (Burr and Coburn) had nothing to do with this... View Replies To: Semper Paratus Although I know I'm a big sheep for asking this, is there a good reso urce for phone numbers/e-mail addresses for the Senate. It seems that ev ery time I look on the Senators' personal sites, they give you some form to fill out (that no one ever reads). The Republican Party is on the precipice of doing some great things, but bending over like this puts all of that in jeopardy. View Replies To: kennedy "For their part, Republicans agreed not to support an attempt to strip De mocrats of their right to block votes." In other words the Republicans surrendered to the minority. View Replies To: AlGone2001 I'm done with the feckless Republicans as well. They had the options of ( a) everything to win or everything to lose. I wonder which nominees they will throw under the bus tires? M oreover, haven't these idiots learned that, to a Democrat, "extraordinar y circumstances" is defined as "anyone who isn't a Democrat?" I believe now, more than ever, that this country has only one party. The Repubocrats, hypocrites, elitists and cowards all, are firmly in charge. View Replies To: All I took more heat on this forum from people who thought I was being unreas onably tough on Frist. I was told that I "wasnt paying attention" and th at "Frist is a doctor, he is methodical and is counting the votes before forcing a showdown." I was flamed by the elites who kept saying, "next week". Of all the times I have wanted to be right about something, this time was NOT it.. View Replies To: kennedy This sickening maneuver virtually ensures a Hillary Presidency. if the Reps can't stand up t o the Dems when they are in the majority what is the use in supporting t hem? The margin for victory is thin, but with this move it will be impossible to obtain. last Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.