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2018/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/5/18-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37733 Activity:nil
5/18    iPod leads to arrest in crime spree:
2018/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Print This Story Bowie Woman Helps Solve Burglaries Woman Sees Husband's iPod On Ebay POSTED: 8:06 am EDT May 17, 2005 UPDATED: 8:49 am EDT May 17, 2005 BOWIE, Md -- She's not a detective, but a woman from Bowie, Md, helped solve a series of burglaries that had frustrated police. According to police reports, someone threw a concrete patio block through the sliding glass door of Karen's Todd's home in Bowie, Md, and took a laptop computer and an Apple iPod she had given her husband for Christm as. FeedRoom Not long afterward, Todd said she logged onto eBay and almost screamed wh en she found an iPod that looked just like her husband's, down to the un ique custom inscription on the back. Todd said she called police and detectives contacted eBay and were led to the owner of a sports memorabilia store in Beltsville, Md Investigators said they found Todd's property and were eventually led to 21-year-old Ibrahina Toure, who is facing 10 counts of first-degree burg lary. "I can tell you that it's led to the definite closure of 11 burglaries an d the recovery of over $18,000 in property taken from those burglaries," said Prince George's County police Lt. He also said it might help police to close 50 other break-ins. Police said the owner of the store said he did not know the items were st olen.