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2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/5/13-15 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:37673 Activity:high
5/13    Japan to name Hirohito Day:
        I wonder how this would look if Germany had a Hitler Day.
        \_ Berlin just open a Holocust momerial... what a contrast
        \_ I can't even begin to describe how not-even-close you are. -John
           \_ Then what about a Mussolini Day? -nivra
              \_ If you said "Petain Day", you'd be getting there. Sort of.
                 \_ Petain = France = Ally, Hirohito = Japan = Axis
           \_ John, you have no idea what are you talking about.  If you
              want to have an opinion on this topic, please do some homework.
              You are offending many people with comment like this.
              \_ Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass.  I know very well what
                 I'm talking about;  Hitler actively presided over the
                 systematic eradication of millions of people and aggressive
                 wars that caused death, chaos and suffering beyond
                 imagination.  Hirohito was the ceremonial figurehead of
                 a nation whose militaristic clique pursued expansionist
                 policies with similar effects, but largely without
                 power and functionally isolated from the barbarisms
                 committed by the Japanese.  While there certainly is a
                 strong argument against dedicating a day to him, comparing
                 him to Hitler is ignorant, offensive and stupid.  If you
                 \_ this is the american version of the story.  he was
                    pretty much in control and set out the policy of
                    invading China.  American put this "ceremonial figurehead"
                    spin later as American try to prevent join occupation
                    of post-war Japan with the Soviet.
                    And, Japan was also actively persided over systematic
                    eratication of millions of civilians.  The only
                    differences is that Japanese were not as "systematic,"
                    and there were a lot more Chinese than Jews.  The civilian
                    casualty is between 20-30 million, out of total of
                    500 million people at the time.  Go at least read
                    Iris Chang's book when you have a chance.  And, FYI,
                    there was a policy of "plunder all, burn all, and kill
                    all" policy by the JPN Imiperial army.  It would consider
                    as a genocide by today's standard.
                 choose to do this, though, I can't recommend anything beyond
                 a swift smack upside the head, as it shows you for the
                 intellectual coward you are.  Fuck off and die.  -John
                 \_ Chill. Did you forget your daily SSRI today? Maybe you
                    should see a psychiatrist. Wait, you've already done that
                    for a while.
                    \_ Hm, I don't seem to recall ever visiting a shrink.
                       Maybe he brainwashed _and_ hypnotized me?  -John
                       \_ Maybe you can tell us how you escaped conscription/
                          Substitute Service/community service.
                          I know you know that I know.
                          \_ Oh yeah, that one.  Cool, you found me out,
                             forgot all about that.  Does that count?  I guess
                             you're right, I'm a psycho!  Good job!  Now fuck
                             off and die.  (Oh and if you're really interested
                             I paid one to write me a section 8 in lieu of
                             spending 4 months doing pushups.)  -John
                             \_ My young kraut, you didn't pay, your dad did.
                                Now YOU fuck off and never come back to motd
                                until you contribute something more worthwhile
                                reading on motd, like pictures of you jodeling
                                while eating bratwurst
                                \_ Huh?  Came out of my paycheck, as I recall.
                                   Why do you care?  If you're going to try
                                   and defame me, at least try harder.  And I
                                   think this thread is pretty funny.  -John
           \_ This comment reminds me of the time I was a kid and saw another
              kid who was uncooperative and crying at Toys-R-Us. He screamed
              something to the effect "You don't even know how I feel!"
              Obviously, without EXPLAINING how he feels, how the fuck would
              his parents understand?
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Printable version Japan names day after Hirohito Emperor Hirohito Experts are divided on Emperor Hirohito's legacy Japan's parliament has approved a law to rename a public holiday in honou r of World War II Emperor Hirohito. The Showa Day holiday, named after Hirohito's posthumous title, is intend ed to mark Japan's post-war rebirth as well as look to the future. But critics say the move will upset other nations, especially China and t he two Koreas, who will say it glorifies Japan's often brutal militarist ic past. A similar bill was abandoned in the past, due to political pressure. But this time the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan backed the bi ll, which was proposed by the ruling coalition. The opposition said it now accepted the idea that the holiday would encou rage public reflection of the turbulent 63 years of Hirohito's reign, ra ther than glorify the emperor himself. The chosen date, 29 April, is already a national holiday, currently celeb rated as Greenery Day. Under the new law, the 4 May People's Day holiday will be renamed Greenery Day. Anti-Japanese protest in Shenzhen, China The Chinese accuse Japan of not confronting its wartime past Opinion remains divided on Hirohito's legacy. Many Japanese see him as be ing a benign figure out of touch with his militarist cabinet, while othe rs insist he was intimately involved in the planning of the war. Following his death in 1989, the holiday marking Hirohito's birthday was renamed Greenery Day - an oblique reference to the late emperor's passio n for plants, but one which avoided using his name. The re-named Showa Day is a more direct reference to the emperor. The bill enacting the new name was promoted by members of Prime Minister Koizumi's Liberal Democratic Party, which argues that Japan has already apologised enough for its past. But correspondents say the move will upset other Asian nations because it refers to the period when Japanese troops brutally occupied neighbourin g states. Tensions are already high over Japan's perceived failure to acknowledge i ts past abuses. Violent anti-Japan protests erupted in China last month over the wording of a Japanese history textbook, as well as Tokyo's push for a permanent UN Security Council seat.