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2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/5/9-11 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:37590 Activity:kinda low
5/9     The next nuke used in anger will be in:
        Clarification: The following will be TARGETS of the nuke
        \_ Korea
        \_ Israel
        \_ U.S. .
           \_ next nuke will be from a terrorist
           \_ Considering millions of people who hate United States before 911
              and billions more especially after the middle-east invasion, I
              also think this is a much more likely target than anything else.
        \_ Iran.
        \_ Taiwan
           \_ Do they have nukes? Are they part of the NPT?
              \_ It would be nuked by the mainland, like a woman
                 killed by her jealous lover who can't stand not
                 having her.
                 \_ fuck off!  we have balls.  We are nobody's woman.
                    \_ All right.  Like a man killing by his jealous lover who
                    \_ All right.  Like a man killed by his jealous lover who
                       can't stand not having him.  Okay now?
                       \_ Much better.
                    \_ Half of Taiwan's population would disagree.
                       \_ yea, the half that doesn't have to face the PLA.
                          \_ No women in the Taiwan military yet?
                    \_ But they're very small.
                       \_ It's not a matter of size, blah blah.
           \_ What would Taiwan do with a nuke?
              \_ Sell it.
        \_ Japan
        \_ India
        \_ Pakistan
        \_ Kashmir
        \_ MOTD
        \_ Was there a previous nuke used in anger?
           \_ Japan?  Have I been trolled?
              \_ No, those were for fun after a couple of beers.  Bonus points
                 if you can name all the ones dropped by accident (ICMB
                 complex at Laputa doesn't count.)  -John
                 \_ wasn't there a B52 which crashed with a nuke?
                    Also, wasn't there a sub with nukes which sank?
                 \_ If you count ones that dropped but didn't explode
                    (weren't armed) a couple were dropped off the coast of
                    Spain in the 50's.  I think the same thing happened
                    in Oklahoma or someplace.  Not as rare as one would
                    \_ Several subs, both US and Soviet.  5 accidental bomb
                       drops in the US alone.  Extra credit if you can name
                       the third one they were going to dump on Japan, the
                       original target of the Hiroshima bomb (and reason
                       why it was nixed) and the name of the B-29 that dropped
                       on Nagasaki (sorry, thought some useless nukular trivia
                       might be fun.)  -John
                       \_ Third one on Japan?  I thought we only made 3 at
                          first, and used them all.
                       \_ Original target of the Hiroshima bomb?  Tokyo,
                          but they didn't drop it because Tokyo was
                          already desolate.  Or Kyoto, but the ambassador
                          to Japan asked them not to because he didn't
                          want them to destroy to cultural artifacts.
                       \_ The original target of the Fat Man was Kokura,
                          but Nagasaki was chosen by the pilot of the
                          Bockscar due to cloud cover. Couldn't find the
                          original target of Little Boy.
                    \_ the thing in spain was in the 60s when McNamara was
                       still the SecDef.
        \_ Ann Coulter's mouth: .
           \_ Your nukular missile is so big and tax free?
              \- i dont think it will be india or kashmir. i think it would
                 be new york harbor or jerusalem. i dunno if he chechins
                 be new york harbor or jerusalem. i dunno if the chechins
                 are likely to be able to get ahold of one. in that case
                 the options are opened up a lot. --psb
                 \_ Then it'll be some moron's basement in Grozny.  "Allah
                    Akhbar, we have a bomb!" *clang* "oops" *BANG*  -John
2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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