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2005/4/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:37404 Activity:moderate
        Watch freeper posters go crazy over new Denny's discrimination lawsuit
        "In case you haven't figured it out, you're not welcome in this country
        anymore. Get out, and take your friends and relatives with you."
        \_ I don't blame the manager. I mean, come on, those guys have the
           following names: Osama, Arafat, and Hussein. Had I been the manager
           I'd personally give Ashcroft a call.
           \_ Mmm.. dumbassitude reigns supreme.
        \_ I was surprised that a bunch of the "should we go back to not
           letting in black folks" comments were not censored by the freeper
           Gestapo -- downright progressive by their standards.
           \_ We didn't let in the black folks.  We kidnapped them from Mother
              Africa and shipped them here!
        \_ maybe you guys have been over-spoiled by the high level of
           tolerance in the Bay Area, and think that the rest of America
           is in fact like Bay Area, when it fact, it is not. Far from it.
           \_ Maybe you're not as intelligent or as cosmopolitan as you think
              you are.  Train harder, grasshopper.
        \_ Just for fun, why don't we post EXTREME right stuff on the
           freeper, like "Damn those Muslims! Let's nuke them NOW! Use
           tactical nuke on Iran and then Korea! Then assassinate the Muslim
           head, and then blow up Haj and Mecca. KILL THEM ALL! And in fact,
           deport all immigrants, and ship those damn Negros back to Africa."
           Let's see if that gets censored, and see how far you can go.
           It'll be an interesting experiment.
           \_ You obviously haven't read enough freerepublic.  You don't
              need experiment.  Just archaeology.
2020/06/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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StuLongIsland From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel 7 men sue Florida City Denny's after being called 'bin Ladens WB39 report: Seven men sue Denny's in Florida C ity for discrimination (WB39) Apr 28, 2005 (RealVideo) By Chrystian Teje dor Miami Bureau April 28, 2005 Seven men of Middle Eastern descent have sued a Denny's restaurant in Florida City, claiming the restaurant refu sed to serve them. Ehab Albarabi, Nabil Arafat, Usama El-A-Baidy, Esam H essein, Mohammad Natour, Usama Mohamed and Ehab Mohamed, all of Boca Rat on, filed the civil rights suit April 22 in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. Th ey seek $4 million each from the owner and a former manager of the resta urant. The suit alleges that last year the restaurant discriminated agai nst the men and humiliated them. "We certainly are very hurt by all of t his," 31-year-old Ehab Mohamed said Wednesday. "We are in fear of being discriminated everywhere we go." The men decided to stop for food at the Denny's in Florida City shortly after 2 am on Jan. According to the suit, the discrimination started w hen the waitress who took their drink orders took "an unusually long tim e" to bring their drinks and take their food order. After waiting more t han one hour, Albarabi asked manager Eduardo Ascano about the delay. Acc ording to the suit, Ascano called the men "Bin Ladens," referring to al- Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. After waiting another 30 minutes, El-A-Bai dy questioned the manager about the remark and delay. According to the s uit, Ascano said, "We don't serve Bin Laden's here ... View Replies To: StuLongIsland Two guys named Osama, a guy named Arafat and a guy named Hussein. Boy, I hope a Denny's manager doesn't make a crack about Nazis if he gets a customer named Adolph Hilter. View Replies To: StuLongIsland "We are in fear of being discriminated everywhere we go." In case you haven't figured it out, you're not welcome in this country an ymore. View Replies To: wideawake Thought just occurred to me - instead of sueing people because there is a finger in your chile - change your name to Osama benladen - then when s ome one makes a crack about your name sue them. That was you don't have to commit a crime to get the ball rolling. View Replies To: MudSlide Just have the ACLU print you up a bunch of the forms so all you have to d o in fill in the same of the person you are sueing - regular production line. View Replies To: 10mm yeah, and since this is a free country I am free to not like someone by t heir nationality if we are at war with it! the american people have been about as p c as we're gonna be with you people, thank your lucky stars that we went so far as to NOT inter you in camps or ship you back to your homeland, or beat you sensless! Your lucky you can fly on planes or eat in our res taraunts since we are at war with your kind at the moment and you don't have to common sense to take the towel off your head and be understandin g of the position we're in! I swear to god that if these guys get a dime I'm gonna sue the next towelhead i see for offending my sensibilities w hile we're at war with their dress. View Replies To: StuLongIsland In all seriousness, I did once wait an hour at Denny's, along with eight other people, and was not served any food or drinks. The only other customer was an elderly man si tting by himself. We knew it was time to go when the waitress brought hi m pancakes, though he ordered chicken, and argued with him and left the pancakes at the table. My solution, and the solution of my eight friends, was to never eat at De nny's again. I've held up my end of the bargain, six years, two cities, and one marriage later. View Replies To: StuLongIsland El-A-Baidy questioned the manager about the remark and delay. According t o the suit, Ascano said, "We don't serve Bin Laden's here ... He can think it all he wants, but you don't refuse service to someone because you don't like his name or t he way he looks. View Replies To: StuLongIsland If I had been manager of the Dennys in Florida City, I would have said w hy are you "Bin Ladens" from Boca Raton down here so close to the Turkey Point Atomic Energy plant? View Replies To: StuLongIsland More here than meets the eye: Two officers from the Miami-Dade and Homestead police departments eating at the Denny's asked the seven men to leave the restaurant, and said the y would arrest them if they didn't, the lawsuit said. View Replies To: CindyDawg I didn't see anything about them being American. My neighbor is Canadian, the owner of my company is Canadian, our COO is Canadian, our top programer is from Bolivia, and I have several Canadian friends. I guess they should report to you or a proper authority where they are go ing if they want to be out and about at 2 am. View Replies To: eastforker "Don't most eating establishments have a " we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" sign?" So you feel we should go back to a time when you could refuse service bec ause of the color of a person's skin or their ethnicity? View Replies To: StuLongIsland Denny's restaurants have long been the targets of discrimination lawsuits across the country. Since then, i t has faced at least six more discrimination lawsuits filed by African-A mericans and Hispanics and has been investigated in at least two cases i nvolving discrimination against people of Middle Eastern descent. Staff writer Elizabeth Baier and researcher Bill Lucey contributed to thi s report. I wonder if these are the same four med s tudents as before (shut down aligator alley) or related to them? i wonder if it is a private la wyer or the class project of uberliberal Univ. View Replies To: StuLongIsland Ehab Albarabi, Nabil Arafat, Usama El-A-Baidy, Esam Hessein, Mohammad Nat our, Usama Mohamed and Ehab Mohamed, all of Boca Raton ----------------- --------------------------------------------- Kinda funny how a bunch of Muslims chose to live in the most Jewish town in South Florida. View Replies To: Gone GF Gotta watch out for them black folk and Hispanics, too. They might not be totin' dirty bombs like the Muslims do, but they're always stealin' stu ff and gettin' in fights. If you're implying that I am being racist towards arabs regarding my comm ents ... They dam n well earned that cultoral bigotry on 9/11 and a few other instances. Ehab Albarabi, Nabil Arafat, Usama El-A-Baidy, Esam Hessein, Mohammad N atour, Usama Mohamed and Ehab Mohamed, all of Boca Raton. I counted two "Usamas" in that so what it the problem here? First, with regard to the kind of service you can expect at 2am, or any other time of day, you have to keep in mind that there are corporate Denny's and th ere are franchise Denny's. In theory, we're all supposed to be held to t he same standard. In practice, the corporate stores (such as the one I w ork at) are held to a higher standard. It is just easier for corporate m gmt to keep tabs on corporate stores. The ov erwhelming majority of Denny's restaurants are 24 hour stores. Where do drunken crowds go to satisfy their munchie cravings or sober up a bit? When are you most likely to have the least amount of staff working? Some of us really do try our best, but there are limits to what we can accomplish. If a dozen drunks--or sober folks, whatever--all come in and order a breakfast at 2am, they are going to have to wait a little longer than usual. A good server will have no problem explai ning this to a customer, and I have never had a customer fail to underst and it. Good service sometimes, regrettably, means having to explain tha t one can expect slow service. With regard to this statement: "We don't serve Bin Laden's here ... If the manager actually said this, he has absolutely no business working in the service industry. View Replies To: Phantom Lord My neighbor is Canadian, the owner of my company is Canadian, our COO is Canadian, our top programer is from Bolivia, and I have several Canadian friends. View Replies Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exempt...