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        And for Queer Republicans:
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NEWS "I think he wants me to attack homosexuals," Mr Bush said of prominent e vangelical minister James Robison. But Mr Bush said he did not intend t o change his position. Told that one cons ervative supporter was saying Mr Bush had pledged not to hire gay peopl e, Mr Bush said sharply: "No, what I was was, I wouldn't fire gays." "I don't support an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage. I think it's a matter that should be left to the states. As a conservativ e, I don't support constitutional amendments generally unless the cause is clear and evident. The issue here, of course, is that some people thi nk a constitutional amendment is necessary in order to preserve the righ ts of the states. I think if you looke d at our national convention, for example, among the prominent speakers -- Gov. It's not an issue that sets the Republican Party apart in one great mass. com 1999-2005 LCR-Dallas This page was last updated 4-16-05 About Us Log Cabin Republicans is the nation's largest gay and lesbian Republican organization with over 50 chapters located across the country, a nationa l office staff, and a federal PAC which raises over $100,000 per electio n cycle for Republican candidates. LCR-Dallas is the 10th largest chapte r in the country, and has been active in local politics for 20 years, pa rticularly at the grass roots level. We welcome anyone interested in Log Cabin to join us at our regular monthly dinner meeting held on the 4th Monday of every month. a lot or a little Whether you just want to talk politics or want to become active in the Pa rty or political process, you're welcome. We are launching outreach init iatives and working to increase the awareness of both the community and the Party that we are doing important work. If you'd like to be on our m ail and email lists, just send an email. Upcoming Events Next Meeting Monday, April 24th Speaker TBA Mattito's Mexican Restaurant, nw corner of Routh at Cedar Springs. Jon Robert Haack Vice President: Cullen Connery Secretary: Brock Davis Treasurer: Karen Adams Board Members at Large: Carla Halbrook, Ranil Ninala, Leslie Read State Steering Committee: Stan Aten, Michael Flusche, Rich Hisey Eighth Annual Grand Ol' Party a Success Log Cabin Republicans-Dallas' Eighth Annual Grand Ol' Party was held on O ctober 9th at the Petroleum Club. The keynote speaker was national field director Jeff Cook, with special guest Grant Turck -- a Pepperdine stud ent who has been fighting a "diplomatic battle" to gain official recogni tion for the group he founded, Students Against Homophobia. Longtime act ivist and former national board member Patrick Ball, and former LCR-Dall as president and current LCR-Texas secretary Lorri Dennis were the honor ees. Log Cabin Repulicans Have Presence at State GOP Convention When the state Party once again declined to allow LCR-Texas to have a boo th at the convention, with the generous support of several donors we opt ed for a hospitality suite, which we manned throughout the three day con vention. Executive Director Patrick Guerriero traveled down from DC an d we kicked the convention off with a press conference announcing that o ur television ad would be running throughout the convention. We held two receptions, one concentratin g on our LCR members who had travelled from all over the state; and anot her, the Big Tent reception, concentrating on visiting with and getting to know non-LCR and non-GLBT friends. Both were well-attended, and we we re gratified at the number of non-LCR folks who gave us positive feedbac k Dallas Trip Nets nearly $90,000 for Defending the Constitution Advertisin g Campaign On Saturday, March 27th, LCR Executive Director came to Dallas for a fund raiser at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Thanks to our generous donor s and matching funds provided by LCR supporters Tim Gill and Bill Davenp ort we were able to contribute nearly $90,000 toward the initial one mil lion dollar goal for placement of our first-ever television ad. National Convention a Success The 2004 national convention in Palm Springs smashed attendance records, with over 200 attending the event and 300 attending the dinner. Forty cr edentialed media were on hand, and as of Sunday afternoon 190 stories ha d been filed across the country! Panel discussions included experts on Don't Ask Don't Tell, Winning the G lobal War on AIDS, and of course fighting the marriage amendment and whe ther the group will endorse Bush for re-election. Liberty Education Forum The Liberty Education Forum is an educational think tank - based in Washi ngton, DC - that is dedicated to new ideas and new directions for the gay community, with a centrist approach. The mission of the Liberty Education Forum is to work toward achieving individual freedom and fairness for gay Americans by applying the principles of individual rights, individual responsibilities, free markets and limited government.