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2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/4/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37346 Activity:high
4/25    Hey kchang, if you're going to track users, why don't you do
        something useful, and actually track who the anonymous MOTD
        censors are?
        \_ isn't that what the red bars are for?
           \_ learn to read. "track users"
              \_ I was referring to this:
                 look for the big red bar
                 \_ "edited" with one 't'.  And "Certified motd trollers"?
                    Also if it's just guesswork, sure you can put what you
                    want on your personal page, unless you're safari, but then
                    people can also put on the motd that they think guesswork
                    is shit :)  -John
        \_ yeah, it's the red bar, thanks for whoever responded. Also, I
           addded text motd to HTML motd feature. Now motd "fits in"
           regardless of 80, 20, or 100 column. Just go to the same page
           as usual, and click "html mode" on top. It's still experimental
           so comments welcomed.                                -kchang
        \_ I love this.
           has "emarkp?" 15 times.  None of those edits are mine.  What a great
           system. -emarkp
           \_ Ya, that's why there's a ? and it's in light gray. -!kchang
              \_ But that is so unintuitive! The whole site is TRASH.
                 \_ But you're such a dick.  WHAT HAVE YOU BUILT LATELY? -dans
           \_ Of course, you could just point to the latest diff, and note that
              ausman is listed as the first author of your post. -nivra
              \_ heh.  That's pretty funny.  Thanks for pointing it out.
           \_ you seem to think that the ONLY contribution to this site is
              user tracking. That is just one of many features. Also,
              according to the key, it is just saying *maybe* you wrote it.
              You can think of my site as the Wall Street Journal, the stock
              ticker section. It simply collects raw data and displays it in
              a different format, so that you can make your own
              interpretations. The WSJ doesn't tell you when a stock
              will go up/down, and neither does my site pinpoint the EXACT
              person who wrote/deleted motd. You know, we've already gone
              over this. Whatever. If you can do a better job, please do.
              \_ The WSJ doesn't try to guess individuals who are buying and
                 selling.  Since your site is such a dismal failure at
                 guessing, why not take out the guessing part? -emarkp
                 \_ Now, I'm no fan of kchang's stupid motd logging, but to
                    say that it's worse than the wall street journal is a
                    bit of a stretch.  Unless I see some evidence that kchang
                    is actually evil, and is using his website to try to
                    destroy America, I'm going to have to disagree and say
                    that the WSJ is far far worse.  I see no such evidence.
                 \_ First of all, you are not doing a good job convincing me
                    to take it off. Secondly, I will put whatever information
                    I want on my personal site. Thirdly, I may consider your
                    request if the majority of the people on my
                    credit/contribution list (it's on the bottom of the page)
                    give me convincing arguments.
           \_ It's clear to me -- by the question mark after your name in all
              15 instances and the light grey shading, and the underlined name
              of other users in bold preceded by a W: -- that you are ... ehh,
              never mind.  It's not worth talking about.
                \_ Maybe you have a higher IQ than the average motder. What's
                   your IQ? Just curious...
           \_ Geez emarkp, cut the dude a break.  It's experimental.  We
              all know it's not perfect. -jrleek
              \_ I get enough anonymous trolls as it is without morons taking
                 stock in the guessing of someone's over-hyped script.  The
                 fact that its guessing is so badly wrong makes me wonder why
                 it's included.  -emarkp
                 \_ whee... and apparently I wrote this one. -nivra
                 \_ I don't see how it changes anything for you, since you
                    always have the editor open, apparently you write
                    EVERYTHING.  Either you're schizophrenic, or you've
                    got pretty good plausible deniability. -jrleek
                    \_ whee... all motd edits are belong to me. -nivra
                       \_ And apparently none belong to me, though I'm
                          suspected in most of them. -emarkp
           \_ actually, for anyone who wants anonymity, plus courtesy, the
              current motd script is probably robust enough to modify
              to use scp from a different machine for the final post-merge
              version.  I should also mention that motdedit doesn't need
              a lock. motdedit -n, bypasses locks, and merges any conflicts
              with minimal error. -nivra
              \_ I alway use motdedit -n, I think the '-n' should be the
                 default behavior. It's fine. -chiry
        \_ I protest! Motd spying is unconstitutional.
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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  is the best
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"At the Itami station, before the site of the accident, the driver overran the platform by 26 feet and was forced to back up. Last June, the same driver was reprimanded for overshooting a platform by 328 feet. Today, the driver apparently failed to negotiate the curve and braked suddenly, causing passengers to be tossed around inside the cars. The first two cars jumped the tracks about 200 feet from the apartment building, struck a car and eventually hit the building, though injuries inside the building appeared limited by the fact that the first car crashed into the parking garage." you end up with a zillion different file formats and need different file handlers for each of them. It's just as complex (and it eats away at the file extension namespace), and it makes it harder to write video players, since they'd need to handle different fiel formats. The single container, multiple codec method allows the player to query the system to figure out which decoder it should use (possibly querying a server and downloading an appropriate decoder automatically). If you want to figure out which decoder you need, just download gspot. When they subsidize the phone, they lock the phone down to one provider. You can unlock it but it will usually cost you about $25. The nice thing about unlocking it is that you can take it overseas (given that you have the 900mhz and 1800mhz frequencies) and use a local SIM calling card. What about versus boiling water in a pot on an electric range? The stove wastes heat due to it escaping around the side of the kettle. The microwave wastes energy because the magnetron is not 100% efficient an converting electricity into microwaves. Least efficient though is when you brew using a coffeemaker and then leave the coffee warmer on for hours. You should also consider the inefficienty of burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. Best would probably be making coffee with a kettle on a gas burner slightly smaller than the kettle. I'm guessing that if you calculated that, the added fuel use of heating the water would be insignificant. The last 2 popes declined to say it but this guy is big on doctrine so I'm wondering if he wants to keep the tradition alive. Not unbiased commentary of course, but very well written. going to be messed up if their oil production ever peaks. That article reinforces what I believe is the ONLY punishment that might deter terrorists: Give them sex change operations and dump them in a country like Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, since the Royal Family numbers in the tens of thousands, there are quite a few who do not share their sympathies. That said, we made a great many deals with evil people and corrupt, broken systems during that episode. The letters are excellent--reminds me a bit of Graham Greene. However, the fact that he's still living there is kind of sad. You either dealt with them or they fell into the Soviet sphere of influence. The concept of aiding a neutral bloc went entirely counter to US foreign policy throughout the Cold War. It was "with us or against us" in many but not most situations.