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2005/4/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:37191 Activity:very high
4/14    Japan is pulling a fast one in China Sea, just before meeting of
        foreign ministers.
        Japanese government approves drilling in contested water; "the Defense
        Agency and the Japan Coast Guard" will "ensure the safety of the
        Japanese firms involved." (remarks at the very end).
        \_ You can't keep backing down forever.  The only way to deal with a
           bully is to confront them at some point.
           \_ I agree 100%. Who's the biggest bully in the world?
           \_ That's what Germans said beforing invading CZ and Poland.
              \_ So long as you are consistent in the behavior you accept
                 from the parties.  If you accept Chinese consternation when
                 it's thwarted, then you accept US (or whatever other nation)
                 consternation when it is thwarted also.  If you accept the
                 Chinese military moving in to occupy the questionable areas,
                 then you accept someone else's invasion also.
                 \_ The url syas Japanese military is going to patrol the
                    contested water, as they have already done there and
                    over some islet in dispute, not the other way around.
                    Your "China Bad" reflex is hurting basic reading
                    comprehension.  Sad.
           \_ That's what Germans said beforing invading CZ and Poland.  Some
              just has a habit of calling the victim bully and the bully victim
              \_ Yep.  The Chinese started to tap into a pool of resource
                 that crosses into contested territory.
                 \_ You are confused which side your argument supports.
                    \_ it all depends on your perspective.
                       \_ Only if you are already fixated.
        \_ Why is Japan pulling a fast one?   China started test drilling
           first and would not make its plans known to Japan.
           \_ China drilled in a area where even Japan acknowldged to be in
              Chinese domain, but now Japan will drill in a contested area.
              A boundary between two countries is valid iff it is acknowledged
              by both.  China asked but Japan has refused to negotiate over the
              \_ Unfortunately, while the Chinese are drilling in uncontested
                 areas, they may be tapping into a pool of resource that
                 crosses over into the Japanese exclusive economic zone.
                 This makes the Chinese test drill a contested issue.  While
                 the Japanese may have refused China's proposal to jointly
                 develop the area, the Chinese have also turned down the
                 Japanese proposal to evenly divide the sea between China and
                 Japan.  Nor have the Japanese turned down the Chinese joint
                 development as such.  The Japanese government has asked for
                 Chinese drill data before they would consider the proposal,
                 and China has refused to provide any information.
                 \_ Japan "claims" the reservior is connected to theirs.
                    \_ I don't think there's much doubt that this is japan's
                       claim.  Perhaps you mean to put quotes around
                    Saddam made the same claim about oil field in Kuwait as the
                    reason to invade it.  If the air moleculres I breathe is
                    claimed to have passed Japan, do I have to bow to the
                    Emporor too?  As for the border, Japan simply "declared" a
                    "middle" line between Okinwawa, which was brutally annnexed
                    and colonized by Japan ~15 years before it did the same to
                    Taiwan and ~25 years before it did to Korea, and some spot
                    on mainland China.  It refused to discuss this with China.
                 \_ Saddam made the same claim about oil field in Kuwait
                    tapping into Iraq's as the reason to invade it.  If the
                    air moleculres I breathe is claimed to have passed Japan,
                    do I have to bow to the Emporor too?  As for the border,
                    Japan simply declared a "middle" line between Okinawa
                    and some spot on Chinese mainland.  Okinawa was forcibly
                    annnexed and brutally colonized ("disposed" is the
                    officially sanctioned word) by Japan ~15 years before it
                    did the same to Taiwan and ~25 years before it did so to
                    Korea.  It went free after WWII, but Japan reannexed it in
                    1972.  Regardless whether that is legitimate, it is clear
                    Japan's rapidly expanding border is a grave concern for its
                    neighbors, but it continues on a roll to impose its will.
                    Will they next claim a land border between Korea and
                    Shanghai, or between Pearl Harbor and Boston?
                 \_ China proposed joint exploration and offered to negotiate
                    the border dispute.  Japan simply unilaterally announed
                    where they want it to be.  This is not how normal country
                    resolves difference with neighbors. You are admitting the
                    facts, but your use of 'proposal','turn down,' and 'refuse'
                    are clever spins.  Isn't it odd to ask China to provide
                    very valuable data when Japan does not agree to form
                    a collaboration with it?  Hey, give me the source code to
                    longhorn before I consider whether to buy it.  No? You must
                    be evil!
                    \_ How can you negotiate over something when you don't
                       what you are negotiating over?  Of course Japan has
                       to ask for survey data before it can consider the
                       Chinese joint exploration proposal.
                    \_ Wrong analogy.  Source code = software.  However,
                       Survey data != actual oil
                       \_duh, analogy is not meant to be precise. If you were
                         serious about the discussion, you'd have gotten the
                         point, but clearly you are not.  Besides, Chinese
                         drilling is done in uncontested water. Japan's request
                         for data is just their way of saying "fuck you."
2022/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           I invested a lot in TIPS.
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Th e Japan Times article Tokyo to let Japan firms test-drill in contested seas Applicants seek rights to gas fields eyed by China By MAYUMI NEGISHI Staff writer Japan said Wednesday it has begun processing applications that would allo w domestic companies to test-drill in contested waters in the East China Sea where China plans to launch full-scale drilling for natural gas. The move comes on the heels of heated anti-Japanese demonstrations in var ious cities across China and could exacerbate the already strained polit ical relations with its largest trading partner, observers said. "This is just (regular) procedure," Koizumi claimed to reporters later We dnesday. "We will proceed (with handling the applications) in an orderly manner." Oil companies first applied for rights to conduct exploratory drilling fo r oil and gas in the area in the 1960s to the then Ministry of Internati onal Trade and Industry. The applications have been on hold for four decades, however, because the area lies just within Japan's self-claimed exclusive economic zone, whi ch China has not formally acknowledged. Beijing asserts that its EEZ ext ends farther than the median line set by Japan. China is the world's second-largest consumer of oil and Japan is the thir d-largest. And in an age of spiking energy prices, China's test-drilling in adjacent waters has raised concerns among government and industry of ficials in Tokyo that Beijing is targeting Japan's underwater resources. On April 1, MITI's successor, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry , said it completed a geophysical survey that shows two of the natural g as fields China is currently tapping, roughly halfway between Okinawa Pr efecture and China, may extend into Japan's EEZ. METI chief Shoichi Nakagawa said at the time that Japan would begin to pr ocess test-drilling requests if China did not comply with Tokyo's reques ts for details on its gas projects and a halt in ongoing exploration in a week's time. In explaining the timing of Wednesday's announcement, a senior Foreign Mi nistry official said the government thought it best to start granting dr illing rights to Japanese developers before Foreign Minister Nobutaka Ma chimura's Sunday visit to Beijing, where he is to meet with his Chinese counterpart, Li Zhaoxing. "We thought it would give a bad impression if Japan granted the drilling rights after the two ministers discussed the (drilling) issue," reckoned the official, who asked not to be named. He also said that if Japan's decision to start processing applications wa s delayed, it would give the wrong impression to the Chinese side that T okyo was only bluffing and would not actually grant developers rights. Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda told reporters in the morning tha t the decision doesn't mean there isn't a chance of amicably resolving t he matter. "We would like working-level talks between the two countries on this and other issues pertaining to Sino-Japanese relations as a whole to continu e," he said. METI officials are studying applications for exploratory drilling in a 3 6 million-hectare area within Japan's claimed EEZ. It will take two to three months for oil companies to get test-drilling r ights, after which it will take at least a month before actual drilling can start. Drilling could cost at least 3 billion yen, according to offi cials. In addition to providing monetary support, METI will work with the Foreig n Ministry, the Defense Agency and the Japan Coast Guard to ensure the s afety of the Japanese firms involved, the officials added.