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3/26    Terri Bleeding From Eyes and Mouth
        \_ I wonder if all the people who talk about starving to death as
           peaceful are referring to the elderly who simply stop eating and
           drinking as they near death?  It seems to me the body naturally
           shutting down is different than yanking a feeding tube. -emarkp
           \_ All the more reason to allow physician-assisted suicide.
           \_ Feeding tubes are considered an "extraordinary measure," and
              are a recent (1970s) innovation.  Though different than a
              respirator, the outcome is essentially the same - the person
              cannot live without the machine.  FWIW, Schiavo will die from
              dehydration long before she dies of starvation.
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Saturday, March 26, 2005 8:01 am EST Terri Bleeding From Eyes and Mouth Contrary to predictions that Terri Schiavo's starvation death would be pa inless and dignified, an eyewitness who visited her hospice room early S aturday morning reports that she is now bleeding from the eyes and mouth . "Barbara Weller, who's is one of the attorneys for the Schindlers, says t hat the last time she checked in, not very many hours ago, Terri's eyes and tongue were bleeding now. "Her eyes are sunken and her skin continues to flake off," Weller added. On Thursday Terri's parents reported that their daughter now resembles "a n Auschwitz victim." At the request of Michael Schiavo's attorney, Judge George Greer has bann ed cameras and video equipment from her room, precluding the possibility that a photographic record of her deteriorating condition might be kept . The eyewitness accounts stand in stark contrast to predictions from medic al experts cited in numerous media reports who insisted that Terri's sta rvation death would not be gruesome. On Wednesday, for instance, the Los Angles Times reported: "Doctors say that going without food and water in the last weeks of life is not traumatic, and that the body is equipped to adjust to such condit ions." Perry G Fine, vice president of medical affairs at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in Arlington, Va. "What my patients have told me over the last 25 years is that when they s top eating and drinking, there's nothing unpleasant about it -- in fact, it can be quite blissful and euphoric." "It's a very smooth, graceful and elegant way to go," Dr.