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2021/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/22-23 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:36811 Activity:high
3/22    I am wondering, do other countries have kids shooting other kids
        in school? What about England? Europe, Asia, Japan?
        \_ no, in Asia they kill themselves (suicide)
        \_ No guns in Japan, but knives
           \_ I remember a story from about 7 years ago where some
              Japanese High School Kid killed classmates with a katana.
              \_ is this the "bamoidooki" and "sacred experimenter" case?
              \_ and I bet freeper troll put it on the MOTD as a fallacious
                 refutation of the need for gun control.  -tom
                 \_ curious tom, when you say gun control what do you have in
                    mind? what's your preffered gun control scheme?
                    mind? what's your preferred gun control scheme?
                    \_ I don't see any fundamental problems with the UK's
                       scheme.  -tom
              \_ There was the kid who cut off the head of a 10yo and put it
                 in front of his school. That guy, btw, never had his name
                 revealed bc he was a juvenile. Now that he's an adult, they
                 had to let him go. He's at large, in Japan, and his ID remains
        \_ Never heard of it in Hong Kong.  Gun control over there is much
           better.  Gang members in bad schools stabbing each other are common,
           but kids going postal and stabbing random classmates are very very
           \_ Probably a lot harder to kill 10 people with a knife befoe being
        \_ They use knives and brickbats in the UK.  Just as violent, the
           little fuckers, and apparently far more prone to bullying.  -John
           \_ I've wondered if the Brits I've met are just bottom of the
              barrel or if there is a predisposition to beatings/physical
              violence w/ drinking.  One thought was that it comes from a
              lack of concern that the response to a punch might be a
              .45 in the face.
              \_ "God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal."
        \_ Don't Japanese people use samurai swords to kill each other?
2021/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Elementary school girl fatally stabbed by classmate in Nagasa ki SASEBO, Nagasaki -- An elementary school girl was fatally stabbed by a cl assmate during their lunch break on Tuesday, police said. Nagasaki Prefectural Police have taken the 11-year-old attacker into cust ody. She admitted to stabbing the victim with a paper cutter. However, the killer cannot be prosecuted because she is under 14, the min imum age at which children can be charged under the Juvenile Law. The victim has been identified as Satomi Mitarai, 12, daughter of Kyoji M itarai, the 45-year-old chief of the Mainichi Shimbun Sasebo bureau and a sixth-year student at Sasebo Municipal Okubo Elementary School. "I still don't understand what exactly happened," said Kyoji Mitarai, the victim's father, on Tuesday night. Officers from Sasebo Police Station said that the 11-year-old girl tearfu lly regretted what she did. They plan to question all sixth-year students at the school about the motives behind the attack. When the lunch break began at their classroom at around 12:35 pm, the t eacher in charge noticed that the two students were not in the room. The 11-year-old attacker soon appeared and her dress was blood stained. W hen the teacher asked her about the blood, she reportedly said, "This is not my blood. The teacher and several colleagues rushed to the study room to find Satom i lying on the floor. At around 12:45 pm, a local fire station received an emergency call fro m the deputy principal of Okubo Elementary School, saying that a girl ha d been stabbed. The girl was dead by the time paramedics arrived at the school. Both girls belonged to the same sixth-grade class, investigators said. Th e name of the girl who stabbed the victim is being withheld under the Ju venile Law. After hearing of the attack, many parents rushed to the school and accomp anied their children home. A shocked Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi called for a thorough investig ation. "I think officials should probe the incident carefully and take p reventive measures." Under the copyright law of Japan, use of all materials on this website, e xcept for personal and noncommercial purposes, is prohibited without the express written permission of the Mainichi Newspapers Co. The copyright of the materials belongs to the Mainichi Newspapers Co.
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HOME The Japan Times Printer Friendly Articles PAST BULLYING CLAIMED School stabber harbored grudge OSAKA (Kyodo) A 17-year-old youth who stabbed three staff members, one fa tally, at his former elementary school Monday in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefect ure, was acting on a grudge against a teacher, according to investigativ e sources. News photo A police officer guards the main gate of Neyagawa Chuo Elementary School in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, on Tuesday, a day after a former student fatally stabbed a teacher in a hallway and wounded two other staff. The teen said his sixth-grade homeroom teacher at Neyagawa Chuo Elementar y School had failed to help him when he was bullied as a pupil there, th e sources said Tuesday. He was quoted as saying that he did not intend to kill anyone and that he "acted wrongly." The teacher, who still works at the school, has told police that he has n o idea why the teen harbors ill feelings toward him, the sources said. Police said they have been unable to confirm if the boy was bullied. He h ad not previously attempted to contact his old teacher after graduation. About an hour before the stabbings, a male believed to be the youth rang the doorbell of the main school entrance and asked about the former home room teacher, police said. The sources said that investigators are treating the teen's comments with skepticism; they think it is strange that he returned to the school fiv e years after graduation to attack staff with no direct connection to th e alleged bullying, the sources said. Because the youth also apparently made incoherent statements, police are considering having him undergo a summary psychiatric test, they added. Investigative sources also quoted the youth as saying that from last year , he had been undergoing counseling for people who had been absent from school for extended periods. The boy, who is not currently enrolled in a ny school, had reportedly been absent often while in junior high school. According to investigators, the teen entered the school just after 3 pm Monday. He approached teacher Michiaki Kamozaki, 52, in a first-floor hallway and asked for directions to the staff room. As Kamozaki led him to the seco nd-floor room, the teen stabbed him in the back with a sashimi knife, po lice said. Initial reports had said that Kamozaki was attacked in the sc hoolyard. The boy then stabbed teacher Mizue Tomomura, 57, and dietitian Akemi Fuku shima, 45, in the staff room. When he was seized by police who rushed to the school, the teen reportedl y said he "did not know" what he was doing, according to the sources. He appeared to be emotionally agitated right after his arrest, but is now calmly responding to questions from investigators, the sources said. A probe revealed that the youth purchased two knives Monday, one of which was used in the attacks. His bag, which was found in a school corridor, contained the other knife, sheaths and a receipt for the knives. The manager of a noodle eatery near the school said the teen ate at the s hop shortly past 2 pm Monday -- roughly an hour before the attack. Aft er eating "udon," the boy did nothing and appeared to be engrossed in th ought for around 20 minutes before leaving just before 3 pm On Tuesday, investigators combed the school compound to better determine the youth's actions. Classes were canceled but about 30 teachers and staff came to work as usu al. The municipal board of education held an emergency meeting Tuesday mornin g to discuss ways to deal with potential emotional problems suffered by pupils and staff. But the board agreed to consider dispa tching doctors and clinical psychologists to the school just in case. It also agreed to distribute a letter informing parents and guardians of kids at all of the city's kindergartens, elementary schools and junior h igh schools of the incident. Chuo Elementary held a meeting of parents Tuesday night to explain the da y's events. The Osaka prefectural board of education issued an appeal to parents and school staff Tuesday afternoon to join hands to overcome the latest trag edy.