Berkeley CSUA MOTD:Entry 36791
Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2019/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:36791 Activity:high
3/21    Motd poll:  Have you had the flu going 'round lately?
        \_ No: ....
           \_ I get sick 1-2 times per year and almost never a flu.
           \_ No, all my coworkers got sick this year, but I did not.
              I attribute it to drinking heavily.
           \_ No, eventhough I was exposed. My throat was sore, and I
              thought I came down with it for 12 hours, but it passed.
              I get plenty of exercise, do yoga, eat lots of fresh
              organic fruits and vegetables.
              \_ go fuck yourself.
           \_ No.  I don't exercise or get much sleep.  The only healthy things
              I do is drink tea, eats little meat and lots of vegetable and
              fruit, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
           \_ No, I've only been sick once in 7 years ever since I started
              exercising proper hygiene, or as sodans would say being a germ
              freak ... Nutty stuff like washing hands before eating.
              \_ go fuck yourself.
                 \_ That's a good way to avoid acquiring STDs.
                        \_ You've got to break eggs to make an omelet.
              \_ yeah I used to get sick a lot in Cal. It might have something
                 to do with sharing common lab keyboards in Soda hall and
                 seeing ~1/2 of the people who use tho restroom don't wash
                 their hands, most of them smell or haven't taken a shower
                 for a few days. Here's what you can do for fun when you're
                 bored in the lab. Flip those lab keyboards up-side down
                 and watch snowflakes falling!!! Ok maybe dandruff isn't
                 exactly snowflakes but you can use your imagination.
        \_ Yes: ....
        \_ I got flu AND strep!: .
           High fever: 102.4
           Coughing: (green phlegm) ..
           Coughing 'till you barf: .
           Bloodshot eyes:  completely bloodshot
           Eye discharge:  woke with eyes glued shut
           Ear pain/discharge:  soaked my pillow with ear flow
           \_ . (but not as severe)
           Frog in the throat:  I keep swallowing, but it stays
           Snotty nose: ..
           Body aches: ...
           Voice gone:  ..
        \_ I started to have a sour throat on Friday, I am recovering...
        \_ sick for 2+ weeks, still not 100%