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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/8-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:36590 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Please reccomend any good lunch spots in/around downtown Mountain View.
        Thanks.  -foodie, but not a snob
        \_ When I worked on Ellis St. we used to eat at this little
           Italian place right off of Moffett Blvd called Mario's.
           Lots of reasonable places to eat on Castro as well.
        \_ Sushi Tomi (Dana east of Castro) isn't bad. Kapp's (Castro@Villa)
           has decent pizza. Amici's (Castro@High School) has good New York
           style pizza. Le Boulanger (next door) has good sandwiches. I would
           be interested in hearing reviews of the Mongolian BBQ place on
           Castro. Or just pick a cuisine and try someplace (and report back);
           you can find most reasonably-popular cuisines on Castro somewhere.
           (I'm more familiar with dinner places in the area.) -gm
        \_ Amarin Thai is pretty good. I heard Sue's is good Indian. Zucca
           is passable, but overpriced, but they do have decent Uozo/Rake.
        \_ I'd like to report the middle-eastern place on Castro between Villa
           and Dana is pretty good. -op
        \_ If you're not looking for fancy atmosphere but just want good food,
           check out Rose Market on Castro (a couple of blocks south of El
           Camino, which is not where most of the restaurants are). It's a
           middle eastern grocery store that has a counter in the back that
           serves really good Kabobs.
           \_ seconded
        \_ Sue's Indian is good, $10 buffet.
        \_ late post...
           mexican: taqueria los charros on dana (good inexpensive burritos,
            think la burrita, but way better, and not any more expensive),
            fiesta del mar, more expensive, but nicer food for the non-burrito.
           japanese: another vote for sushi tomi, and a vote for yakko sushi
            (dana, west of castro, kamei is decent and cheaper
           indian: sue's is pretty good, as mentioned above
           chinese: the dim sum at golden wok is decent, the rest of the
            chinese isn't worth mentioning
           thai: amarin has good lunches, house of krung siam is pretty
            good too.  They kinda have to be, given that they're right next
            to each other and in the same price range.
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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