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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36588 Activity:kinda low
3/8     This is funny. Italy demands US punish killers. They just don't
        understand us. Back in 1999 we acquitted a reckless pilot who
        killed 20 skiers, how DARE these fucking Italians demand anything.
        We Are Great, Manifest Destiny, and God Bless America. -conservative
        \_ The journalist they shot is very opinionated and left wing (she
           writes for Il Manifesto, I believe.)  The whole sordid affair is
           a stupid, tragic mistake, and the dumb bitch (pardon me, but it
           really pisses me off) is really not helping anyone by agitating
           about it being a US conspiracy to avoid looking like they support
           compromises with hostage takers.  I only wish they'd left her to
           rot and tried to free some of the poor bastard South Asian truck
           drivers or other innocent hostages instead.  The thing with the
           pilot, on the other hand, was just a fucking travesty.  -John
           \_ Do you think she's pretty good looking for a 57 year old?
           \_ Actually, if I got shot up by American soldiers just a half mile
              from the aiport when the three security guys around me were
              ecstatic and we had all the confidence in the world that the
              Americans knew we were coming -- and someone suddenly put a
              spotlight on our car and blasted us for 10-15 seconds, the chief
              negotiator died on my lap and I got shrapnel in the shoulder, I
              might say it was a conspiracy, too -- that the American grunts
              were told by someone higher up in the chain of command to
              expect bad guys in a car similar to ours, but otherwise naive
              to our arrival.
              But, a day or two later, I might say, you know, maybe I
              overreacted, and it was probably an accident.
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Printable version Italy demands US punish killers The coffin of agent Nicola Calipari is carried into the Vittoriano monume nt in central Rome Calipari has become a national hero in Italy Italy's foreign minister has demanded the US "identify and punish" those responsible for the death of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq. Gianfranco Fini said the US and Italy had different versions of what happ ened to Nicola Calipari, who died under US fire while escorting a freed hostage. The US says shots were fired because the vehicle was speeding and did not heed troops' warnings for it to stop. But Mr Fini said the car was travelling at no more than 40km per hour. Calipari had also made "all the necessary contacts" with US and Italian o fficials about the hostage's release and the journey to the airport, he added. The incident has intensified the already strong Italian opposition to the country's military presence in Iraq and put intense pressure on Prime M inister Silvio Berlusconi's government to find answers. The BBC's Tamsin Smith in Rome says Mr Fini's comments, which have pre-em pted an investigation into the incident, were very much for domestic con sumption. Political observers in Rome say there is a serious problem of jurisdictio n in any attempt to bring criminal proceedings, as the shooting took pla ce in an area under US military control in a third country. Calipari has become a national hero in Italy, and thousands came out onto the streets on Monday to applaud the funeral cortege. However, it stopped after a powerful light was shone on it from the roads ide and the shooting began immediately, without warning, he said. Agent's death: Your reaction A volley of shots from automatic weapons followed, lasting 10-15 seconds, the foreign minister added. The occupants of the vehicle were only identified by a second agent who w as pulled from the car alive, he said. Mr Fini did, however, reject the allegation made by freed hostage Giulian a Sgrena that the car was deliberately targeted as "groundless". "We hope that within the next fe w hours this affirmed wish for loyal co-operation will yield its first m ajor concrete result." "We hope that this is not an opportunity to whip up political campaigns a nd to sow anti-American sentiment in public opinion, which certainly hav e no reason to exist." Tuesday's Washington Times newspaper quoted a Pentagon memo as saying the Italian security forces appeared to have made no prior arrangement for Ms Sgrena's transfer to the airport. It added that US troops are trained to fire on erratic speeding vehicles, a description which corresponds to the US version of events. "About 500 American service members have been killed by hostile fire while operating on Iraqi stree ts and highways."