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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/8-9 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:36576 Activity:moderate
3/8     Very cool cane for blind people:
        \_ Try being blind for a day, I don't think there is any cane in
           the world that can make up for the gift of vision.
                \_ I completely agree, however this is better than nothing
                   and in some ways it is proof that science and technology
                   can make the world a better place for the disadvantaged.
              \_ I think you've missed PP's point.  Train harder, grasshopper.
                 \_ I doubt it.  I fully understood pp's point.
                    \_ No, *I* doubt it.  You completely missed it.
                       \_ Please see post from someone else below:
                          \_ Yup -- my point exactly.  Maybe williamc will
                             pay for a permanent trip to canada for you if you
                             complain a little bit more.
                             \_ What in the world are you talking about?
                                \_ What in the world are /you/ talking about,
                                   Mr "I fully understand the point but not
                                   enough to tell the difference between
                                   an attack on the utility of the cane and
                                   an attack on my 'insensitivity'"?
                                   \_ I think you lost it at "permanent trip to
                                      canada" and randomly identifying
                                      williamc.  Buh-bye.
                                      \_ I got one more out of you, though,
                                         didn't I?  Sucker.
           \_ What are you talking about man?  Didn't you know that people
              go blind on purpose so they can get one of those "wicked
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Main Ultracane for the blind Ultracane The white stick has been given an upgrade at last. The UltraCane has been in development for a while and Sound Foresight, the company responsible for its creatio n has made it available to buy. The UltraCane works as an ordinary white cane, but also includes echolocation technology. Using ultrasonic waves , much as bats do, the cane reads the echos of waves as they bounce off objects in its path. This information is then feed back to the buttons o n the handle providing details of how far away the object is and where i t is. Apparently, the buttons that provide you with the information send the data you feel with your fingers to "a part of the brain that create s mental maps subconsciously". All this means that once your brain has g ot used to the signals you should be able to pick up quite a speed, conf ident that nothing is blocking your path. Ultrasonic Cane for the Blind from Gizmodo Sound Foresight is now shipping their new UltraCane, a white cane for the blind and vision-impaired that uses echolocation (not unlike our oft-be ached, humpbacked friends) to determine what obstacles lie ahead.