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2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/2/15-16 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:36178 Activity:kinda low
2/15    I bought a DVD from this guy on eBay and it turns out to be a DVD
        copy. It has no cover, and the DVD label is printed with an ink
        jet printer (it smears). What's the best way to get my money back?
        Should I confront with the seller, or report it to eBay authority
        which I know will take more than 3 months to resolve? I've been
        screwed before and eBay never seemed to care about it so I'm
        hesitant to report it at all...
        \_ How did you pay him? If you were smart and paid by credit card,
           you can get your credit card company to deny the charge.
        \_ Is it a good copy?  Do you really really care about the booklet
           and case, or does the principle of it just make you mad?  If it's
           the latter, tell eBay and the FBI and whoever else is listed on
           that warning at the beginning of the movie.  Otherwise, just
           watch & enjoy.  -John
           \_ um, if it a collector's item like XYZ Trilogy or Quad Set or
              something like that, I'd be really really pissed. Also it is
              just plain wrong to misrepresent. In addition it is ILLEGAL
              and against the law to duplicate copyrighted materials.
              and against the law to duplicate copyrighted materials and then
              sell it for profit.
              \_ Of course it's illegal, but that's not the point.  He/she/it
                 is obviously aggrieved by the probably impossibility of
                 getting anything done about it (isn't using your SSN to
                 identify you anywhere illegal by US law?  Ever tried arguing
                 about that with someone?)  I'm just making a pragmatic
                 suggestion.  Point taken about the collector stuff though.
              \_ By U.S. law, as soon as I create anything it's copyrighted by
                 default.  That includes this post, and I do *not* give you
                 permission to copy it onto your computer in order to read the
                 motd.  So fuck you.
                        \_ You're so dumb. You post to the motd specifically
                           for the reason of other people reading your post,
                           which is only possible if your worthless post is
                           copied to my computer. So fuck you. Hope your job
                           gets outsourced to India.
                           \_ No.  I post exclusively for profit.  You and
                              your fellow communist thieves with no respect
                              for intellectual property are undermining my
                              business model.  Pay up, bitch.
              \_ Wow, is it high being up on that horse?
              \_ No it isn't.  In this particular case, yes, but in general
                 there is this thing you need to consider called fair use.
                 \_ Fair use doesn't include "sell for profit". kthxbye
                    \_ Brush up your reading comprehension.  I already said
                       that it was illegal in this case.  And the "... and
                       then sell it for profit" part of the parent post was
                       added later.
        \_ Tell the seller you know it's a pirate copy and say you're willing
           to ship it back to him and leave positive feedback in exchange for
           a full refund including all shipping costs.  Don't threaten to narc
           on him to eBay/FBI/MPAA because that will make him angry/scared
           and defensive.  You might want to phrase is as "you may not have
           known that you're offering bootleg merchandise but...".  If he
           starts acting like a dick, denying a full refund or threatening you
           with negative feedback, then it's time to narc him out.
2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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