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2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:35926 Activity:high
1/26    I hate democracy
        \_ In other news, the Shining Path is a bunch of murdering thugs.
           Do people on the Right really think people who opposed the war
           support Al-Zarqawi?
           \_ The short answer is yes. Why do you think Ann Coulter called
              her book _Treason_?
              \_ Ann Coulter != people on the Right
                 \_ Do you think she is on the Left? Her books sell millions,
                    she is adored by the Freeper crowd and she is one of the
                    thought leaders of modern American conservatism. She
                    certainly does not represent every single American
                    conservative, but hers is part of the mainstream.
                    This is why I said "the short answer." Now you have
                    the long answer. Is there any part of that you
                    disagree with?
                    \_ No dumbass.  She is a person, not people.  And she is a
                       faaaaar right polemicist, not a representative sample.
                       \_ I find it amusing that both conservatives who
                          have bothered to reply have resorted to personal
                          \_ Why?  When someone's being an idiot I call them on
                    \_ By the same token, Mr. Moore is part of the Left
                       mainstream, and is their 'thought leader.'
                       You = drooling moron.
                       \_ You = ad hominem attacks
                          Yes, I would agree that Mr. Moore is part of
                          the Left mainstream. Absolutely. Do you know
                          the difference between the singular and
                          plural in the English Language? One of the
                          thought leaders is not the same idea as
                          The thought leader.
                          \_ Heh.  You are the motd thought leader!
                             \_ And here I thought I was a drooling moron...
                                \_ What do you think thought leader means,
                                   thought leader?
                                   \_ This is pretty much what I think it means:
                                      What do you think it means?
              \_ For some reason pointing out how the Bush admin is running
                 this country straight into the ground is treason?
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           hits a day, as representing "lefties?" I am sure Herr Coulter
           says more disgusting things daily and millions follow her every
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        \_ Uh, that just says Fox News is the most popular channel overall.
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        political courage. I have some sympathy for those who got swept
        up in the tide of emotion and then apologized for their mistake,
        but better to have not made the mistake in the first place.
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6/3     Since no one else seems to be willing to bite, here is my case
        for Obama:
        1) He was always against the War. This shows good judgement and
        political courage. I have some sympathy for those who got swept
        up in the tide of emotion and then apologized for their mistake,
        but better to have not made the mistake in the first place.
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3/18    Full text of Obama's "pastor" speech.  Whatever else you might think,
        this is moving stuff.  I guess you can either choose to believe it
        or not.
        \_ Not only do I not think it's moving, I think it's a cynical
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Feel for them September 06, 2004 A very brutal news story has been coming out of Russia this week. Chechen rebels from Russia's Muslim province seized control of a Russian schoolhouse and held all the occupants inside hostage for hours. Eventually the Russian troops stormed the building and the rebels responded by setting off explosives, killing scores of people, including many children. The Chechen Muslims have a long history of launching brutal terrorist attacks on the Russian people. At the same time however it's often argued that the Chechens have a more legitimate historical basis for their anger than many other radical Islamic groups. That may have been the case at one time, but it's hard to imagine any political grievances that could justify the sort of disgusting, murderous acts the Chechens are increasingly committing against innocent civilians. gif Update to the Canada guide Saturday, August 28 2004 I've updated my Canada guide once again, adding some scattered new pictures and info and updating some dated material. I've also added an all new chapter about Canada's Indians. php I'm back Tuesday, August 24 2004 I'm back from California. I guess the whole guest comic thing didn't quite pan out the way I wanted, but I'm back now, and I'll return to my old updating routine. htm Guest Comics Thursday, August 12 2004 I could still use some more guest comics if anyone is interested. Come on, it's a great way to get free hits to your site! com Guest comic plea Thursday, July 29 2004 Starting August 9th I'm going to be going to California for two weeks. It might be fun to get some guest comics for those weeks. If you're a comic artist and are interested, give me an email. Late toon Saturday, July 10 2004 Sorry today's cartoon is late. Site Meter Filibuster Cartoons version 30 - Design copyright 2003 Jaco Joubert - All original images copyright 2001-2003 JJ McCullough - Non-original images copyright their respective owner.
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Small companies have to work hard to get visibility, especially when the market is crowded with competitors all vying for the same business. In h igh tech they face the added dilemma that IT departments dont want to bu y from a small unknown vendor, and the vendor cant become large and repu table unless it has major customers. So, how does a company become bette r known with limited resources? What differentiate s a thought leader from any other knowledgeable company, is the recognit ion from the outside world that the company deeply understands its busin ess, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates. Trust is built on reputation and reputation is generally NOT built on adv ertising. Become a thought lea der in your field and it wont matter as much how big you are. Journalists will quote you, ana lysts will call you, websites will link to you. Before one takes the first actionable step, a fundamental shift in mindse t is needed. Thought leadership requires a spirit of generosity - genero sity of one's time, intelligence and knowledge. It requires a trust that by being open with what you know, and by sharing your time and knowledg e, the world will reward your efforts. With that in mind, here are steps that will help you on your way to being a thought leader: 1 Cultivate the press. If you are the CEO or the VP of marketing of your company, you should have a list of 20 writers and editors who regularly report on your market. You shoul d be calling them, meeting with them, and calling them some more. Journa lists are very busy people, often working on ridiculous deadlines. So, w hen you call you need to give them something that they can use to make t heir life better a lead, a story, some insight, a quote, customers to wh om they can talk for quotes. Journalists have a sometimes well deserved reputation for being incredibly curt, arrogant, and annoying. Show that you understand and care about the problems that your customers are trying to solve. Assemble a valuable knowledge base of materials th at demonstrate not only your expertise but also your commitment to solvi ng your customers problems. Write industry specific pieces that have use ful information for potential customers rather than sales pitches for yo ur products. Get what youve written into the hands of anyone who m ight care. Submit articles to editors of newsletters, trade magazines. Put your name on them and give them to anyone who will listen. Identify trade shows and conferences that customers and industr y influencers are attending and get on panels or lead workshops. Find ou t about the local associations that host speaking events and submit your self for giving a talk. You are there to info rm and educate, to provide a unique perspective. Your website should be a source of useful informatio n for customers, potential customers, and influencers. It is surprising that so many companies still view the web as a place to park their corpo rate brochures versus a dynamic, highly interconnected exchange of knowl edge. Your website incre ases in value the more people know about it and link to it. The more ref erence-able your website is, the more it will be referenced. If you wan t to do lead generation, use direct response ads rather than holding the information on your website hostage. Finally, 7 Make thought leadership a strategic imperative for your compa ny. Ideas and insight do not require dominant market share or millions i n capital expenditures. Your company does not need to be a leader in sal es to be considered a thought leader (though of course it doesn't hurt). In high tech especially, the rules of the game change so quickly that i nsight becomes currency. But becoming a thought leader does require work and commitment. It demands the often difficult task of looking at your company from the perspective of the world outside. Generating an ongoing effort towards thought leadershi p is the best way to ensure that it actually happens. Thought Leader: Kundenfang fr Jungunternehmen from MEX Blog habe bei Elise einen spannenden Artikel namens elise "be a thought leader " gefunden, zu einem Thema, wie sich Jungunternehmen in einem hart umkm pften Markt bekanntmachen knnen. Ich erlaube mir, den Artikel komplett hier darzustellen (ich vertraue dem...... Be A Thought Leader and generate leads from B2B Lead Generation Blo g If you're a small company how can you become more visable and and generat e sales leads with limited resources? As the sales landscape becomes increasingly more commoditized you can devel op an edge.