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2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/12/28-29 [Consumer/TV] UID:35464 Activity:very high
12/28   My dad wants those Chinese satellite TV dish thingy (where you get
        5-10 Mandarin stations). Where can I find more info on it and how
        much does it cost? ok thx.
        \_ does this help? (
           note some packages are mainland, some are taiwan
           my parents got something from Monterey Park here in SoCal - don't
           know if it's another provider or whatever, but it was ~ $20-30 /
           month, free install I think.
           \_ Directv provides a superior set of programs.
              \_ I don't get it.  The Chinese/Taiwanese programming seems
                 the same or not as not as good.  Are you talking about
                 the general subscription?
                 \_ yeah, they suck.  That is why I am in TW and all I watch
                    is Discovery/National Geographic/Animal Planet channel.
        \_ You want the Dish network's Great Wall package. 17 channels of
           Chinese stations from mainland. The TW stations are crap for
           teenagers with no taste. I don't think DirecTV offers it.
        \_ my dad hates all mainland Chinese.  He always wishes he were born
           a Japanese samurai.  How do I know which channels are Taiwanese
           truth telling channel and which ones are Beijing subversive commie
           channels? -op
           \_ my DPP parents have the ETTV subscription.
           \_ Haha, a brainwashed TWnese. Dish have a package deal from
              HK/TW too. It's the 'other' Chinese package. BTW, there are
              so many lies spread by those Taiwanese channels I stopped
              watching them.
        \_ do you mean FTA free-to-air satellite programming?
           I set this up for my folks -- no one seems to know about it
           unless they're trying to receive free ethnic programming.
           What a lot of companies do is charge for setup of a dish
           (it's a little bigger in size than a directv dish)
           and ask for monthly payments but the signal is essentially free,
           unencrypted, so you could set it up yourself for about $200-$300 parts.
           \_ WOW COOL, where can I get more info? thx
              \_ Check
                 for list of free channels for US.  Some of the channels
                 require the 1-meter/3-feet sized dish to receive.
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Exclusively from DIRECTV, Jadeworld is a multi-channel service that deliv ers the very best Chinese-language programming in both Cantonese and Man darin. DIRECTV is proud to offer five unique channels from Jadeworld's p rogramming lineup. The Phoenix North American Chinese Channel offers premier Chinese-languag e programming, including up-to-the-minute news, current affairs, financi al market updates, variety shows and dramas from China, Hong Kong and Ta iwan. CCTV-9* This is China's first TV channel to broadcast with English voiceovers or subtitles. CCTV-9 provides in-depth reports on what's happening in China and around the world, plus information on China's history, culture and tourist attractions.
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