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2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/12/27-28 [Science/Electric] UID:35451 Activity:moderate
12/27   Anyone have experience with voltage regulators? Ie, it will
        correct under and over voltage back to 120v? I am trying to
        find one... Thanks.
        \_ Yes, they will do that. Is there anything more specific
           you wanted to knwo?
           \_ What particular ones have you used? How well does it work?
              Last night I measured 150v on one of my lines. Damn PG&E.
                \_ I don't remember the specific ones, but all the ones
                   I've used were IC's.
                   \_ Well, several questions come to mind.  What are you
                      trying to do that you care about the over/under voltage?
                      Assuming you're trying to do some ninja-EE trick, how
                      much current do you want to suck from the line?  The
                      answer is different depending on what you want to do with
                      the power.  Finally, if you are doing some kind of
                      project that requires homebrew AC regulation, do you
                      think you'll taste better burnt crispy or blackened, and
                      do you have a cute girlfriend and/or wife?  BTW, the
                      later AC conditioner suggestion is likely the correct
                      one.  Perhaps even running power through a UPS would be
              \_ peak or RMS?
                 \_ I measured it with my voltmeter, so I guess its peak?
                    how do I measure the RMS? 150 peak is still too high right?
                    \_ 150V peak * .707 = ~110V AC RMS
        \_ given the comment about PG&E, I think you are looking for
           AC power or "line" conditioners, not voltage regulators.
           \_ I think they are the same thing. Most voltage regulators I find
              are also called conditioners.
              \_ ok, sorry, my old school brain thinks voltage regulators
                 are just for pulling down a DC voltage a little off of
                 a battery or charging circuit.
2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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