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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/11/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34969 Activity:high
        Scroll down. Republicans are going to take the 2008/2012/2016
        elections too. The Democrats are screwed. The Dark Age has begun.
        \_ For heaven's sake! Start working on finding someone decent to
           nominate!  I mean, come on, Edwards?  Who thinks THAT'S a good
           idea?  Hillary?  Yeah right.  Suddenly it's clear how Kerry got
           \_ Michael Moore for president!
2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Cache (4147 bytes),2933,138985,00.html
ARCHIVE NEW YORK Overall, nearly six in 10 voters say they are satisfied with the results of this years presidential election, and voters cite the si tuation in Iraq as the issue that should top George W Bushs list of se cond-term priorities, according to a new FOX News poll. A 56 percent majority says they are either very (43 percent) or somewhat (13 percent) satisfied with the outcome of the presidential race. Predic tably, almost all Republicans (94 percent) are satisfied, as are 58 perc ent of independents, but that drops to 19 percent among Democrats. search) conducted the national telephone poll of 900 registered voters for FOX News on November 16-17. Respondents were asked to name (without being read a list), which one iss ue should be President Bushs top priority for his second term. The economy/jobs was mention ed by 19 percent and terrorism by 15 percent. Even before the election, voters were just about evenly divided on whether it was more important to win the war or end it. If it drags o n without positive signs of success, it is almost certain the president s ratings will erode quickly. Job Ratings President Bushs overall job approval rating is up six points since polli ng conducted just prior to Election Day and currently stands at 53 perce nt approve and 40 percent disapprove. search) receives the highe st rating of Bush administration officials tested in the survey. Almost eight in 10 voters (77 percent) approve of the job Powell has done (14 p ercent disapprove). In the weeks following the September 11 terrorist at tacks Powells approval rating went as high as 87 percent (October 2001) . It was in April of this year that he received his lowest approval rati ng, although his lowest 68 percent was still extremely positive. Rice has a solidly positive job rating: 57 percent approve and 24 percent disapprove of her job performance as national security a dvisor. Likewise, 54 percent think Rice will make a good secretary of st ate, while 27 percent disagree. As is the case with other administration officials, Rice received her hig hest approval rating, 61 percent, in the aftermath of 9/11. Her lowest m arks came earlier this year (47 percent approve, April 2004) around th e time Rice gave testimony before the commission investigating the 9/11 attacks. search) also announced his resignatio n in the days following Bushs reelection. Nearly half of voters (49 per cent) approve of the job Ashcroft has done, 29 percent disapprove and mo re than one in five (22 percent) are unsure. Ashcrofts highest approval rating 69 percent was achieved in November 2001, and his lowest app roval was in April of this year (48 percent). search) is doing and 38 percent disapprove, makin g this his lowest approval rating to date. US Supreme Court A 59 percent majority of voters say they are either very (39 percent) or somewhat (20 percent) comfortable with President Bush nominating the nex t justice to the US Supreme Court. About a third are uncomfortable wit h Bush selecting the next justice, including 24 percent that say they ar e not at all comfortable. It is widely believed that President Bush wi ll have the opportunity to nominate at least one justice during his seco nd term. Men are six points more likely than women to say they are comfortable wit h Bush selecting the next justice. Aside from Republicans, Southerners a re among those most likely to approve (69 percent). Even 22 percent of K erry voters say they are comfortable with Bush choosing the next Supreme Court nominee. About four in 10 Americans were able to name which justice they most admi re or with whom they agree most. Respondents were not re ad the list of justices names for this question, and a majority (58 per cent) were either unable to name their favorite or do not know the name of any justice. Looking Ahead to 2008 For fun, voters were asked to look ahead and consider some hypothetical m atchups for the 2008 race for the White House. com Site Tools Take advantage of services and tools that get you closer to the news. Sub scribe to FOX News Alerts, or download our FNC Ringtones, Search Toolbar , Ticker and more.