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2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/11/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics] UID:34945 Activity:high 75%like:34910
11/17   Platoon >>> Full Metal Jacket
        \_ I think that if you want to see what viet nam was like in a movie
           made by an actual vet, you should see platoon, but fmj is still
           a classic film for other reasons.
        \_ Apples to oranges, dude.  While both are about the Vietnam War,
           they're very different stories that don't sensibly compare.
        \_ in Vietnam war the US soldiers raped a lot of village
           women and even children. How about Iraq? How many children
           are we raping right now?
                \_ "Easy, just don't lead 'em so much.  Hahaha"  -John
           \_ Nice try for a troll. You get -1 points.
            \_ No, seriously, why is this a troll? Let's ask a few
               fundamental questions. In Platoon the US Army seems very
               unorganized and when you're out in the field you're
               pretty much your own boss and you can do whatever you
               want (rape 10 year old girls, kill their parents, etc).
               Is the US Army still like that nowadays?
               \_ Because you're stupid if you think that the U.S. Army
                  goes around raping children. Nice try at trolling.
                  Better luck nexttime. Don't let the door hit your ass
                  on the way out.
               \_ Are you Chinese?  Do you understand the effect your trolls
                  had on China?
                  \_ the US Army doesn't allow it but it also gives each
                     soldier so much power that he can do whatever he wants
                     when he's on the mission, without anyone watching over
                     him. Now it's pretty damn hard to guarantee that every
                     single soldier knows a thing about ethics isn't it?
                     \_ I wish you'd sign your post. If you really do or did
                        go to Berkeley you must be one of the dumbest sons
                        of bitches ever to attend. One would think that the
                        minimal standards for SAT scores would enforce some
                        sort of common logic within all entering freshman.
                        \_ Dude, he's so clearly got an agenda he's trying to
                           push.  The sorry thing is that he's so fucking
                           transparent about pushing it, and that it's such
                           a lame duck agenda to begin with that no one is even
                           going try to answer is stupidly phrased, poorly
                           researched, clearly biased "thought-provoking"
                           questions.   Christ, this guy is a moron.  And
                           you know what's truly pathetic?  He's probably
                           congratulating himself about 'once again hitting the
                           Americans in the face with their own hypocrisy' when
                           no one bothers to answer his lame provocations. -POC
                           \_ Well, maybe over time he'll learn somethin'.
                              College kids can be pretty unwise. At least he's
                              apparently making some sort of attempt to discuss
                              his lame issues.
                              \_ Yeah, I guess.  I'm not as optimistic, but
                                 hey, I sincerely hope I'm wrong here.   -POC
                     \_ Replace "soldier" with "cop" and you will see why your
                        argument, while making valid assumptions, is basically
                        flawed.  -John
           foreigners can't or usually don't file a complaint against   _/
           soldiers, but citizens do file complaints and they go to
           civil courts. Civil court vs. military court, hmmmm. Oh, and
           thank you for not resorting to name calling like the other
           posters.   -op
           \_ Obviously it is an order of magnitude worth of difference, but
              the similarity lies in the fact that a cop has a lot of de
              facto control over you in a given situation.  Sheriff Cletus can
              seriously cause you problems if he feels like it, even if there
              is eventual recourse.  -John
           \_ John is often cool like that.  I still don't understand why that
              german-john guy gives him such issue.  Oh, and I'll stop
              'resorting' to name calling if you'll actually do some research
              before rudely dissing the service-men and -women who have
              _volunteered_ to put their lives at risk for some abstract
              notion of duty, honor, or just plain pursuit of betterment.
              They've shown more courage than your ill-informed, agenda-driven
              attacks.  -POC
                \_ maybe John should ask what actions he made several
                   years ago that caused someone to hate him/resent him
                   and is now harrasing him. Introspection may help.
                   \_ OK I have engaged in introspection and inspected my
                      navel and I'M SORRY I KILLED YOUR DAD, OK?!? -John
                \_ that homeless guy John threw a rice cooker at got
                   a Soda account - danh
                   \_ Learn how to post to motd.
                   \_ I never threw a rice cooker at anyone.  I dropped a
                      wok off the 4th floor of CZ, and a bunch of the nasty
                      Berkeley ex-hippies who lived across from us got mad.
                      \_ I threw a full sack of potatoes off the top of
                         CZ, because I suspected there was a mouse in it.
                         No one said anything, you unlucky bastard.
                         \_ Heh, I knew a guy that hurled a couch (with help)
                            from the 10th floor of Unit 1 into the RA's little
                            backyard.      -POC
                         \_ Well, nobody said anything about the watermelons,
                            the old PC, Dave Menache's electric guitar, or
                            the several dozen pounds of tomatoes we launched
                            with the 3-man slingshot.  Just the wok.  -John
2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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