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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/11/6-7 [Health/Skin] UID:34724 Activity:very high
11/6    I'm in my 30s and I still have a lot of acne. Is this normal?
        At what age did you guys/gals start to see a diminish? -acne guy
        \_ The off the shelf acne wash from neutorgena actually works
           for me, though I still get some.  Also, try to avoid touching
           your face with your hands ... I find that I had a big reduction
           after eliminating habits like leaning my head on my hand.
        \_ For me, sometime mid-college. Go to your doctor and ask for
           Retin-A. It's not to harsh at all, but it's very effective
           (after about 6 weeks though of course). If your acne is
           more than just mild, you should get antibiotics; if it's
           super bad, bust out the big guns and get Accutane.
           \_ See a dermatolagist.  It may also have something to do with
              your diet.
              \_ Stress, lack of sleep, depression, etc...
           \_ see a Demonologist.
        \_ I've been told that eating greasy food, junk food, spicy
           food, chocolate, coffee, and other thing contribute to
           acne. In fact, I don't eat any of the above. I eat healthy
           food with a lot of grains and fiber, and I exercise
           at least once a week. None of the above works.       -op
                \_ Those are all myths that have been disproven over
                   the years, so don't believe them. Acne can come
                   and go at any age, so just go see a doctor for
                   any of those previously mentioned treatments.
           \_ I've alternately heard that a high-starch diet can do it.  In my
              experience the biggest diminishers were:  Getting to around age
              20, and washing my face daily.
           \_ My microbiology instructor told our class that acne is
            caused by a bacteria that feeds on the oils on skin.
              \_ I have less acne when I have less sex and take zinc
                 capsules.  Not a zinc joke.
                 \_ to reduce acne
                    have less sex and eat more zinc
                    motd health advice
                 \_ stop ugly acne
                    no sex no love this autumn
                    bathe yourself in zinc
        \_ Have you tried washing your face in urine?  This is a
           homeopathic remedy people have had alot of success with.
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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