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2004/11/5 [Finance, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34699 Activity:nil
11/5    At least one sector of the economy will always do well under Bush:
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Feel for them September 06, 2004 A very brutal news story has been coming out of Russia this week. Chechen rebels from Russia's Muslim province seized control of a Russian schoolhouse and held all the occupants inside hostage for hours. Eventually the Russian troops stormed the building and the rebels responded by setting off explosives, killing scores of people, including many children. The Chechen Muslims have a long history of launching brutal terrorist attacks on the Russian people. At the same time however it's often argued that the Chechens have a more legitimate historical basis for their anger than many other radical Islamic groups. That may have been the case at one time, but it's hard to imagine any political grievances that could justify the sort of disgusting, murderous acts the Chechens are increasingly committing against innocent civilians. gif Update to the Canada guide Saturday, August 28 2004 I've updated my Canada guide once again, adding some scattered new pictures and info and updating some dated material. I've also added an all new chapter about Canada's Indians. php I'm back Tuesday, August 24 2004 I'm back from California. I guess the whole guest comic thing didn't quite pan out the way I wanted, but I'm back now, and I'll return to my old updating routine. htm Guest Comics Thursday, August 12 2004 I could still use some more guest comics if anyone is interested. Come on, it's a great way to get free hits to your site! com Guest comic plea Thursday, July 29 2004 Starting August 9th I'm going to be going to California for two weeks. It might be fun to get some guest comics for those weeks. If you're a comic artist and are interested, give me an email. Late toon Saturday, July 10 2004 Sorry today's cartoon is late. Site Meter Filibuster Cartoons version 30 - Design copyright 2003 Jaco Joubert - All original images copyright 2001-2003 JJ McCullough - Non-original images copyright their respective owner.